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Sadhana Controls Unexpected Happenings

Today Gurudeva talks about how we create things with the mind, and how we can control unexpected happenings by daily sadhana, which opens up the subconscious mind to superconscious input. He answers a question about trance, how in a trance whatever, good or bad, that is in the subconcious mind will come out. Gurudeva says you must develop communication with your children from the day they are born, or you will not be able to talk to them after they reach the teen years.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam. April 24th. Greetings to everybody in cyberspace. Here we are again after a wonderful two-day retreat, reflecting on the past and planning out the future.

As you know, we create with our mind things that will happen to us. We create the future by what we plan out and think about. Unexpected happenings in our life can be controlled also by performing sadhana. Regular, spiritual discipline performed at the same time everyday. It can be as simple as placing a flower in front of you and meditating upon the flower. Lighting a light and meditating on some spiritual scripture that holds your attention. But, it has to be done at the same time everyday. Why is this very important? Because the subconscious mind and the subsuperconscious mind, which is the creative part of the mind opens up to receive your input, at the same time everyday. Why does it open up? Because of your intent. Because you intend that particular time to smooth out your karma.

Now, there are many ways of smoothing out the karma. I believe in the 'Newsweek' magazine this week, there is a wonderful article about the 'Vasana Daha Tantra' that I have been talking about. Writing something down and burning it up, taking the emotion out of the memory pattern. But, they call it, "writing your confession". Psychiatrists and psychologists throughout the United States have found this a wonderful thing to do. You can do it right on your computer. Write down everything that bothers you, locked in the corners of your mind. They say, in the article, it heals arthritis, back pain and various other diseases, because what is locked into the mind is also locked into the physical body. Locks up in some part of the physical body and keeps vibrating there.

This practice is as old as humanity itself because there is one mind. It works in various phases, five to be exact. Conscious, subconscious, sub of the subconscious, superconscious and subsuperconscious, the creative element within you.

Well, how did we get on that subject in cyberspace? Somebody out there really wants to know those things and we do have a question about trance, from Sheila.

When somebody goes into a trance, they simply block out the conscious mind. Whatever is in the subconscious would come out or whatever is in the subsuperconscious mind would come out. Somebody who goes into a rage of anger is also going into a trance because they are out of control. They are out of it, they have lost it temporarily. That is also a form of trance. Someone who goes into a swoon and devas or angels speak through them, become a channel for either higher beings or lower beings in the netherworlds, like devils and demons and so forth. Trance is something you should not develop or play around with. It could be very dangerous, unless of course, you are under the good care and instruction by some teacher.

Everybody is worried about all the children that were killed in the school by the three young men. I received news that a $130 million lawsuit has been filed. Not by the parents of some of these people. It happened just a short time ago but, another series of killings two months back. $130 million lawsuit against the killer game companies. People are taking it seriously. It is really amazing to know that all of this was going on in the homes of these people in Colorado. Building bombs and the parents did not even know about it. They did not even know. The neighbors heard rumblings and noises. They didn't know what was going on. Nobody said anything. So, communication with children, most especially young adults, is extremely important.

When should you start communicating with your children? As soon as they are born. If you don't establish bonds and communication, *the professionals say,* from birth up to twelve years of age, if you haven't bonded with the children and they are on their own, then they will take privileges and won't listen to you during their teen years. That is a fact.

You are in the business of raising children. Some of you out there in cyberspace, pay attention to your business or else they will make you suffer. They will make you suffer because of your lack of attention, in many, many years to come.

Well, a variety of subjects today. Now, we are going to hear something about all of this in the beautiful Tamil language, then in the lovely French language and in Malay.