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Hatha Yoga

Today Gurudeva answers a question about hatha yoga, whether particular postures can bring up subconscious problems. He replies that if they do, he recommends ways to help clear the subconscious first. He continues to talk about kamsatyamne, mountain-top consciousness, where the mind seems fluid and one can adjust consciousness at will.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam. April 14th.

We have a question from San Diego, California. "Is this a correct concept that forward bends during Hatha Yoga bring up anger and resentment?"

Well, Hatha Yoga releases the nerve force within the individual. That is what it does. It releases blockages within the subconscious state of the mind, as well as relaxation to the physical body. For nasty people, many things can bring up anger. For nice people, many things can bring up a feeling of bliss and happiness and relaxation. It all depends upon who the person is. There is no right, no wrong. I would say that, if it did bring up anger in somebody, if they bend forward and release some hidden impressions, then the person should do Vasana Daha Tantra, which means writing down all their feelings and burning it up, burning up the piece of paper. Or, not do Hatha Yoga. Hope this helps answer that question. There is a big 'Yoga Day' in San Diego with over a hundred yoga teachers and this came up in the meeting.

kam-sat-yam-ne. Mountain-top consciousness, looking at your mind from a higher state of consciousness. When you look at your mind from a lower state of consciousness, it seems vast, complex, complicated and awesome. But, from a higher state of consciousness, it feels simple, possibly fluid and you get the feeling that you are able to adjust your state of consciousness, that is the lower one. Yes, you can.

We have been working on sim-shum-be-see. ka-eef. kam-sat-yam-ne. Lifting up the energy in the body to the chest and the head, and looking in meditation at the lower mind. This is a wonderful meditation and it will bring you along the spiritual path a few more inches than you already have been coming along. Every little technique helps just a little bit, even if you practice it for a very short time.

Now, we are moving into another language French and Malay. Tomorrow and the next day, we will be on retreat, here at Kauai Aadheenam, reflecting on yesterday and the days before that and then reflecting on tomorrow and tomorrows after that. So, in about 3 days, we will be back again. Our doors will be open.

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