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Today Gurudeva answers a question about on belonging to different Hindu organizations and the same time. He explains the value of following a single parampara, tradition. He explains more about meditation by the use of the Shum language and gives some advice on meditating when one wakes up in the middle of the night.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam. April 12. Greetings, everyone in cyberspace! We are so happy to talk with you.

The question has come up about being a member of one or more Hindu organizations. "If you are a member of one organization, and are invited to be a member of another organization, how do you explain yourself if you want to remain focused?"

Explain yourself in this way, that it is traditional to follow one Parampara, one Guru lineage, one Sampradaya, one denomination within Hinduism. If you can do that, they will understand because this is traditional. If you are of the Smarta Sampradaya, you are following the Sankaracharya of Kanchi or Sringeri or one of the other Sankaracharyas and you are going to be loyal to that particular lineage. That will be easily understood. It is very important to focus and not spread yourself out into a social situation. Without becoming a member of a temple, you can help in many other ways. Sponsoring pujas, sponsoring of festivals, performing karma yoga and most importantly, teaching the children. This is your participation.

Well, I hope that answered that question from California. I am looking forward to more questions. But, in the meantime, we are going to talk on meditation.

sim-shum-be-see. kaa-eef. Feel the aware of the power of the spine. Sit up nice and straight, head balanced at the top of the spine. Feel the energy within the spine and feel your awareness being aware of itself. That is the Shum word ka-eef. sim-shum-be-see means feel the power of the spine. ka-eef means awareness being aware of itself.

Shum language is a divine language. It came spontaneously from the Inner Worlds in Ascona, Switzerland, over 25 or more years ago. It has been used ever since here at Kauai Aadheenam daily. sim-shum-be-see, ka-eef. Once you hear that or repeat it to yourself, automatically knowing its meaning, you are having a spiritual experience. You are feeling the power of the spine, that makes you feel strong, makes you feel invincible. That power within the spine is emanating right out from Lord Siva at this very moment. Your mind is calm because your awareness is aware of itself. That means you are not aware of the intellect. You are not thinking thoughts. You are not aware of your physical body. You are aware only of two things. You are aware of being aware and if your awareness wanders, you are aware of the power within your spine.

This is a wonderful meditation to perform. When and how do you perform this meditation? Just before you go to sleep at night. If you wake up during the night, sit up. sim-shum-be-see, ka-eef. Wake up fully, go back to sleep in a higher world. Don't just roll over and try to go to sleep because you will go to sleep in the lower world. You don't want to be there. Karma is even made in your dreams. You want to go to sleep in the higher worlds. Sit up nice and straight, if you suddenly wake up in the night and think sim-shum-be-see, ka-eef. Be aware of the power of the spine and awareness being aware of itself.

Now we are going to have translations into Malay and the beautiful French language. We will be back again in cyberspace, looking at you, talking to you and we will be seeing you and you will be seeing me and we will be enjoying our time together tomorrow.