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Lord Ganesha

Today Gurudeva talks about Lord Ganesha and how He can help you. Then Brahmachari Nanthakumar reads about Lord Ganesha in the Malay language, and Gurudeva explains how each library in the country of Malaysia can get a copy of his 800-page book, "Loving Ganesha."

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam, it is the 10th of April.

The question has come up, "Who is the great, elephant-headed God Ganesha?"

Lord Ganesha is becoming very popular in the world. He drank all the milk in London, also in New Delhi. The miracle is documented by newspapers and scientists all over the world. Lord Ganesha is truly a God that you can contact easily. He is in-charge of time and He is in-charge of memory. You want to improve your memory, pray to Lord Ganesha.

We have a very nice treat today. We have a Brahmachari here, who is going to read from the Master Course - Book Two, for children 8-9 years of age. He is going to read about Lord Ganesha and tell you something about the Master Course. But, it will be in the beautiful Malay language. Let us hear what he has to say and I'll be back to talk to you a little bit more.

{Brahmachari Nanthakumar speaks in Malay.}

Gurudeva: That was very beautiful and thank you very much. Devotees in Malaysia, if you would like to receive a copy of this beautiful course of lessons, we do have a free copy in Malaysia for you. So, send me your name and address and we will see that you get a copy, with no charge, right from Malaysia. We have sent hundreds and hundreds of these to schools and temples throughout the country. There are about 30,000 temples in Malaysia and our aim is to get one of these to each temple for the children to read .

Well, the only word in Malay that I know, as I said the other day, was 'awaas'. Take care of yourself. Be cautious. Take care of yourself, your body. It is the only one you have and you want it to last as long as possible. Eat well, breathe deeply. Think good thoughts, because even the thoughts that you think, their karma will come to you through other people's minds.

Lots of blessings from this and inner worlds. We'll be back again tomorrow.

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