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Strengthen Willpower to Strengthen the Soul

Today Gurudeva talks first a bit more about willpower, then gives a simple explanation of meditation using the Shum language which was unfolded to him 25 years ago in Switzerland during his personal meditations on how to convey the inner realities of the mind.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam. We are in the 6th of April day of this year! It is 6th of April.

Well, we have two questions. One is from Robert Garrison and one from Toronto, Canada. Jason Dillon, who is reading 'Loving Ganesa', wanting to become a Hindu, having a namakarana. In the back of 'Loving Ganesa', there are the 6 steps you have to take, Jason, to become a Hindu. Yes, we can give you a beautiful Hindu name. Send us your date, time and place of birth. We will work it out for you, astrologically.

Robert asks us, "Some people on the path don't have much willpower. Are they younger souls?"

As you become an older soul, you do so by building your willpower. You can become an older soul even in this life. That is the purpose of yoga. That is the purpose of meditation. That is the purpose of pranayama. That is the purpose of strengthening your willpower. You mature your soul. By doing that, you can live five lifetimes in one single lifetime if you know how to do it and do it correctly. Move your karmas ahead. That is the purpose of tapas.

Well, the question has come up, "What happened to the language of meditation? What happened to the Shum language? Is it still in existence?"

Yes, it is. We use it everyday. Let us have a Shum meditation, right this very moment.

sim-shum-be-see That is a beautiful word, a complete concept. Say it carefully with me. sim shum be see. It means feel the power of your spine. Take your awareness into your spine. Feel the energy within the spine. sim-shum-be-see

Then, the next word is kaa-eef. kaa eef. That means being aware that you are aware. It is as simple as that. Be aware that you are aware. That is very difficult to do. For one second, maybe you can become aware that you are aware and then all of a sudden you are aware of something else. But, the more you pull the power of your body, that means all the energy from all the nerve systems of the body, the power of the body, into the spine, you pull the awareness into the spine, it is called mee-kaa-shum.

So, our meditation today is nee-ka-shum, sim-shum-be-see, kaa-eef. The explanation is: We draw all the energy from the left leg into the spine , all the energy from the right leg into the spine, the left arm and the right arm and so forth until we feel sim-shum-be-see and then kaa-eef. Being aware that you are aware, perfect peace. Satchidananda, perfect peace. kaa-eef.

So, the Shum language is alive, as it always has been. It came to Earth in Ascona, Switzerland, about 25 years ago. We have been using it here at Kauai Aadheenam daily.

We want to now turn this microphone over to Sadhaka who is going to talk to us in another language, the sweet Tamil language. Sadhaka Thondunatha.

{Sadhaka Thondunatha speaks in Tamil.}

Gurudeva: Robert Garrison has a very nice thing to say about Sadhaka Thondunatha. He says, "The monk sharing time during your talk has one of the nicest sounding voices I have ever heard. There is music in his voice. Even if we don't understand this beautiful language, it is like a rolling river over beautiful stones.

Aum Namah Sivaya, everyone! sim-shum-be-see, nee-ka-shum, kaa-eef are meditation for today! Sit up nice and straight, spine erect, head balanced at the top of the spine, take a deep breath. nee-ka-shum, sim-shum-be-see, kaa-eef.