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The Home Vibration

Today Gurudeva continues on the home, how on the astral plane one can see the beautiful colors of a harmonious home, the dark colors of a disharmonious one, and the lack of colors at the "hotel home," indicative of its emptiness. He talks about the need to control computer useage so that family members spend time with each other.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam, March 11th. Greetings everyone!

We are beginning a new phase of activity, having had a wonderful retreat for two days. What do you know! A large group of guests came to visit today! It was really wonderful to see them. About thirty, very wonderful people.

Well, we have been talking about a house, a home, and a hotel lobby. We talked about that again this morning too, to the congregation of Saiva Siddhanta Church that came for the beautiful fire puja. That was very, very wonderful because we were able to expand on these very vital ideas just a little bit more.

If you were to look at a home from the astral plane with astral vision, you would see the three primary colors; pale pink, pale blue, pale yellow, and white all intermingling in a big pranic forcefield and you would know, that that was a harmonious home. Then moving over to another house, you would see a congestion of multicolors and dark shades and light shades and strange forms and you would know that, that house was a hotel lobby. Flying over a few more blocks, you would look at another house, and you would see it empty. You would see the vibration of nature right in the house. That you would know was a hotel room or a house where nobody was home, even if somebody came to stay overnight occasionally.

A home is a place where we want to come back to. A home is a place that is difficult to leave. A home is a place that there is love and kindness and sharing and appreciation and everyone is helping everyone else. A home is a place of selflessness. But this requires the mother to be in the home. The homemaker is to be in the home and for the father to rush home at night, wanting to be with his family. This requires the control of the computers.

Here at Kauai Aadheenam, our Hindu monastery, we control our computers. At twelve noon, they are turned off, not turned on again until three p.m. At six-thirty p.m., they are turned off, not turned on again until morning. They are not our toys, they are our tools. On our retreat days, on very rare occasions, for very important things, we might use the computer for an hour. Otherwise for two days, no computers.

Now what does this do? It allows everyone to talk with everyone else,. To communicate, to share, to appreciate each other, to work together for the good of all. The control of the computer is important to make a hotel lobby or a house into a home. Because, even if everyone was at home and the computers were on all the time, until late at night, what do we have? We have a house that has been turned into an office. Many homes these days are just offices. Human communication has stopped.

So, those of you in cyberspace, who take time out through your day to tune into 'Today at Kauai Aadheenam', think about this. Is your home an office? Is your home just a house? Is it a hotel lobby? Or, where you live, is it really a home, like I described the way a home should be? Think about it.

That is our meditation for today. Pass this on to family and friends and everybody you know because it is good, solid advice for a 'New Age' tomorrow. Let us create homes.

Aum Namah Sivaya.

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Attachment, for instance, holds our cells together; it is also the root of much suffering, for attachment to material objects or people keeps man's awareness externalized, incapable of expressing itself in full freedom.