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Making a House a Home

Today Gurudeva talks about the home, and wealth, how having money doesn't necessarily create a happy home. The person with a lot of money might have gotten there by sacrificing his family, might have a big home, but only to the benefit of the servants who are the only ones who actually live there all the time. "Think about your home."

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam. March 5.

Yesterday we talked about a home, a house, a hotel lobby and people's lives. We discussed what makes up a home. People in it that love each other, people in it that are harmonious, people in the home that are closer to one another than they are to people in the work-place, people in the University, or in any kind of a school.

Home is a place of companionship. Home is a place that is so magnetic, you want to go back to it again and again and again. That is a home and everything else is just a house or a hotel lobby.

Everybody is thinking now, "We have to have two incomes, three incomes. We have to become wealthy." Money is gained and lost, sometimes rather quickly. It is quickly gained and it is quickly lost.

What is wealth? Wealth is a diamond with many facets. One, of course, is money. But that is not the only one. Happy family, family that enjoys each other - that is a great wealth. Doing things together and enjoy doing things together is another great wealth. Rushing home to be with one another, if you can create that in your family, you are wealthy.

Another great wealth is living within your income. Even multi-millionaires are poor if they do not live within their income. They are always worried about debt, payments, responsibilities and are often very lonely people because in all the effort to gain those millions, they have to sacrifice their family, their children, and their own happiness. Many content themselves, building great, big multi-million dollar homes. To benefit whom? A gardener, maybe a cook, a maid or two, who get to live there all the time, while they are traveling around the world, coming in late and leaving early.

That is not wealth. That is also not wisdom. That is a good way to die young.

Well, everybody in cyberspace, I don't know how we got on this subject. But it did start with some questions about home, family and togetherness. We'll be back with you tomorrow in cyberspace, having darshan in our beautiful Ashram.

Think about your home and see if it compares to the ideal that we talked about today.

Aum Namah Sivaya!

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There is in much of the world the belief that life is a burden, a feeling of penitence, that it is good to suffer, good for the soul. In fact, spiritual life is not that way at all.