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Achieving Forgiveness

Today Gurudeva talks forgiveness and how to achieve it, lifting the instinctive energies up to the heart chakra.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam. It is March 4, already! The month is well on its way!

We want to welcome everybody to our Cyberspace Ashram. We are very happy that you came in today. Today, I have been asked to talk about forgiveness, one of the most difficult accomplishments for most humans. It is so easy to hold resentment. It is so easy to take offense. It is almost habitual, it is almost a habit.

But when we take offense, when we hold against other people things that we think that they hadn't ought to do but they did do, all we are doing is burdening ourselves. When we breathe and lift our energies into our heart chakra, we begin to feel more mellowed and more understanding about what happened, why it happened. We don't even have to know why because it is our own karma. Whatever is done to us, we did to somebody else.

Forgiveness takes humility. Humility is not a weakness. Humility is a power. It takes great strength to be humble and even greater strength to remain humble because by being humble, we go within ourselves. By being proud, arrogant and self-centered, we go inside other people. That is where we get into trouble.

So, forgiveness is an art. It is a yoga. Better still, it is a samayama. It is a Raja yoga, a lifting up of instinctive energies into the heart chakra until we become mellow and humble. Then we can say in our heart, "I forgive" and by doing so release the burden of remembering everything we hate and everything we dislike, and all of our resentments and all of our criticisms to those around us, especially our loved ones. Many people are closer to people they are working with in offices and hospitals than they are to their own family.

Forgiveness softens the heart, I've heard that. But, reverse that. Soften your heart, then we are able to forgive.

Well, I hope this meant something to somebody out there in cyberspace tuning in to our ashram.

We want to welcome Carole Kahn and the whole Kahn family online. We are very happy that you are tuning in to Kauai Aadheenam today. We will be back again tomorrow.