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Hindu Hospitality

Today Gurudeva talks about the Hindu view of hospitality, how the guest is treated as God. He talks about the dysfunctional family, one that may live in a big house, but have no true home, because the proper vibration is not there.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam. March 3.

We had a wonderful two-day retreat and a beautiful fire-puja this morning, invoking Lord Hanuman for the creation of the foundation of Iraivan Temple.

We have guests today from Hyderabad, India and other Hindu guests from Dallas, Texas. Another guest, a lovely couple from Austria, travelled a long way to come to Kauai Aadheenam. You don't have to travel so far, sitting at the computer, receiving our hospitality. Our doors are open.

What is hospitality in the Hindu framework? It is that the guest is God. The spirit of energy flowing to the guest is the same spirit of energy exactly as in the household. A righteous household that worships every morning together as a one family is like a temple and guests coming are like deities, the devas, coming to the temple.

There are many dysfunctional families in the world today. What is a dysfunctional family? A dysfunctional family is a family that has no home, even if it is a million-dollar house. It takes a lot to turn that house into a home.

A home is a place where the mother is there. A home is a place where the father comes home a little early to be with his family, not working a little late so he can avoid his family. Not where he comes home, sits down in front of the television while eating his dinner. The kids are running here and there. Mother comes home, she is also tired, and is yelling at the kids. Many million-dollar homes are just houses like a big hotel lobby, totally impersonal. The Guest is not God in those homes. The guest is an intruder.

Think about your home. Is the guest God? And, is it a home or a house? What kind of vibration does it actually have? It takes a lot to make a house a home and you can never make a hotel-lobby into a home. Think about it.

We'll be back again tomorrow.

Aum Namah Sivaya!

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