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Teachings of Hinduism

Today Gurudeva answers a question on how to alleviate painful illness. He recommends Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine. He talks about karma and how it impacts our life. Finally, he invites those searching for a religion to consider Hinduism, with the oldest scriptures and profound philosophy.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam. It is February 25 and greetings to everyone in cyberspace! Our ashram doors are open.

We hear from Langer in Luxembourg, who wants to know how he can help his suffering father.

Well, Langer, we always advice Ayurveda as the panacea for all ailments. It works very, very slowly and it is better if you start it when you are healthy than when you really become ill. But, anytime is fine and it works very well with the chemical medicines that the doctors are giving out nowadays. But, one thing about Ayurvedic medicine. It is herbal, and has no side-effects. So, see what you can do about Daddy and we hope he feels better soon.

Damara from Southern California is asking if her 5-year old grand-daughter can go. Well, we do have a discount of $700 for children if they are under twelve, I believe. Welcome aboard, little girl! We'll enjoy having you with us.

Today, we had some lovely guests, all the way from Boston. They are on pilgrimage here, having been readers of 'Hinduism Today'. We had other guests all the way from Anchorage, Alaska who made the pilgrimage today. A lot of people come day after day after day and we are so happy to see them.

'Hinduism Today' is going out the door in two more days to the printer. We are working very hard finishing up the last-minute, the last-minute editing so it is just right and it is inspiring to each and everyone of you to read. If you haven't seen 'Hinduism Today' yet, it is a beautiful international magazine, which our cyberspace ashram puts out and we will be very, very happy to send you two/three complimentary copies to get you started, observing the great Hindu Renaissance going on in the last fifty years, gaining speed all the time.

Hinduism is a wonderful religion because it teaches you about you. It teaches that God is inside of you and permeates every atom of the Universe. It teaches about the five states of mind, the three phases of the mind - instinctive, intellectual, super-conscious. It teaches about karma and makes each individual responsible for his own acts. Everything that we do is involving karma, every action is karma. Karma means action. It is a Sanskrit word that has been adopted into most of the English dictionaries now, along with pundit and mantra.

Look into Hinduism if you are discontent with your religion. Or, if you are not religious at all, you are off to a very good start because all Hindus are pagans and many of them started as "heathens," like maybe yourself. So, get on board the oldest religion in the world, with the oldest scripture in the world, six to eight thousand years old. Nobody knows quite how old. But, a fantastic society must have preceded the Vedic era to be able to produce such great souls that have articulated these many, many thousands of verses so well that they have lasted up to the present day.

Well, you are all welcome to join me on a cruise from Vancouver Canada, to Anchorage, Alaska where we are installing the first Ganesha for a temple coming up in that area of the country. It will be the first Hindu Temple in the state of Alaska. The cruise will be for seven days and we will be having seminars, round-circles, discussions, self-inquiry, investigation and we hope when we get off the ship in anchorage, we will have a new identity and we will look at ourselves with new appreciation for who we really are.

Tune in again tomorrow to cyberspace ashram at Kauai Aadheenam on the Garden Island of Kauai. Blessings flowing to each and everyone.

Aum Namah Sivaya!

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