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How do You Know What You Know?

Today Gurudeva explains the karmic entanglements that arise from blood or organ donation.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam; February 18th.

It is a beautiful day, the second day of our Vedic phase. We expect some lovely, lovely guests today. Guests come here within the spirit of pilgrimage. They don't come here as tourists. They come here as pilgrims seeking the within of themselves.

We have a question here from San Diego. Damara asks, "Organ donation is not something Hindus are supposed to do. What about giving blood while still alive?"

If you want to make a connection with somebody, blood is the way to do it. Like to a relative, or a very, very close friend. But to a stranger, no way should this be done because you will be connected to the stranger astrally, psychically. You will both visit each other at night when you both sleep and who knows what is going to happen. There was a big campaign in India about donating an eye or eyes to an eye bank. Then the word got around that if you give up your eyes in this life, you will be born blind in the next life. That whole campaign fell apart.

So, you can see how closely those who understand dharma, those who understand karma, those who understand reincarnation, those who understand the existence of one pervasive energy that builds the universe, bring it out into the public, bring it out into their sphere of influence of family and friends.

"How do you know you know what you know?"

Well, that's a good question. You know what you know when you hear yourself telling what you know to someone else. When you hear that someone else telling the same thing to somebody else, you'll know that you know that you really knew it. Try to figure that one out. Take a good day on that.

Have a beautiful day everybody and we hope that we answered Damara's question. We'll be with you again tomorrow. Many, many blessings flowing from our Cyberspace Ashram into your life through the all-pervasive energy that connects us all in oneness.

Aum Namah Sivaya.

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