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Karma, The Boomerang of Experience

Today Gurudeva answers the question, "What do the members of your ashram do for fun?" Then, Gurudeva talks more about karma, the great "boomerang" of experiences that impact our lives.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam; February 11th.

Well, today is a very beautiful, sunny day here on the Garden Island of Kauai. We want to greet you in the Cyberspace Ashram.

We have one question from Robert Garrison. "Could you describe some of the small and fun things that you and your monks do?"

Well, one of the fun things that we do, is our wonderful work everyday. We don't consider it work, we consider it play. Because everyone loves to fulfill their dharma and doing what they are doing. But there are other things too, like swimming in the ocean. We have a big lake here created by a river running through it. Nice, cool water. There are many, many other little things that make our day bright and happy. Such as, we invited the Prime Minister of Trinidad, Tobago to come with us to Alaska, on the cruise. We are having a Innersearch Travel-Study program. We just received a very nice e-mail from him personally.

"How I wish I could be with you on such a momentous occasion. Unfortunately, as Prime Minister of my country, I am very busy and it would be impossible for me to join you. However, my best wishes go with you. May Almighty God shower upon you and all those who embark upon this journey His choicest blessing. I shall be with you in spirit."

That was a very happy event! Messages like this we read at lunch when were all together and find out what each and everyone is doing here at our Cyberspace Ashram on the beautiful island of Kauai.

Thank you, Robert, for the nice question. Looking to hear more from you.

Have you ever wondered how karma really works? We have been discussing karma the last few days. It is as simple as a boomerang. A boomerang is a piece of wood. A L-shaped piece of wood that we throw out and it comes back to us. It is as simple as that. All light and time work in a circle. So, whatever we send out from within us, comes back to us. You can be sure of that.

If you are dealing from other people, it comes back through other people. If it is dealing with physical things, it comes back through physical things. Think about it. You are not a victim of karma. You are the controller of karma. You must live through certain karmas that you created in past lives, to be sure. But you can live through them without creating new karma in this life, especially those kinds of karmas of a negative nature called kukarma. Karmas of a positive nature are called sukarma.

Think about karma. Meditate on karma. Read as much as you can on karma just before you go to sleep at night. The great inner you will teach the outer you more than you ever thought that you could know about karma.

Greetings to each and everyone. Sending love to each and everyone through your computer as we communicate.

Aum Namah Sivaya.

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