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The Law of Karma

Today Gurudeva talks about karma, how we come to realize that everything that happens to us is the result of some action set in motion by us in the past.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam; February 10th. Greetings everyone!

Well, we are having a wonderful time here at our Cyberspace Ashram today. We have a visitor who teaches people how to look and speak on TV, on the radio, CDs, tape recording. Very interesting person.

A question that usually comes up is, "What did I do to deserve what is happening to me?"

Well, fortunately, people don't remember what they did or why they deserve what is happening to them. The never- failing law of karma, cause and effect.

Karma actually means 'action'. But we know every action has a boomerang effect. It comes back. It has a reaction. Action and reaction is the way the universe works. No way around it. So whatever is happening to us, we put into motion ourselves. Nobody else did. We did it ourselves maybe in a past life, or maybe in this life. Fortunately, we don't remember what we did. But, we did do that, to have the experience over again, that we caused somebody else to have perhaps. So that we know how it feels, so that we won't cause somebody else to have a similar experience in the future. That is how we learn.

The law of karma is an unfailing law; it is also an educator. It teaches us that if we stand back and look at the experiences of the day, we can intuit how those experiences were created in days gone by. Try it. It is a wonderful meditation. Next time you say to yourself, "What did I ever do to deserve what is happening to me?", begin to sort it out and be honest with yourself. Maybe you caused someone else to have a similar experience that now other people are causing you to have.

The law of karma is a cool, cold law. Good things, bad things and mixed things happen all in the same way, action and reaction. Look at it. Look at yourself, understand yourself and float through life in a happy way. Be like the 747 and fly over the cities that are trembling in all kinds of experiential problems, being untouched by them. You can be untouched by your own karma too. What did you ever do to be listening to me, telling this to you? In a past life, maybe!

Well, have a happy cyberspace day and we'll be together again tomorrow.

Aum Namah Sivaya!

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