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Is it an Error to Meditate?

Today Gurudeva answer the question, "Is it selfish to meditate and read religious books." He replies by saying that it is not, that it is very productive to work on oneself, especially compared to watching TV or living in one's emotions.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam, February 5th. Greetings to everyone in cyberspace from our Cyberspace Ashram, on the internet.

The question comes up occasionally, "Isn't it selfish to pay attention to oneself, to sit quietly in meditation and read religious books?"

Well, the obvious answer is - No, it is not selfish at all. What is selfish is sitting for two or three hours in front of the TV not talking to anyone, emoting over various scenes, pictures and scripts that someone has worked out to attract your attention. That is selfish. Another thing that is selfish is pouting and controlling other people by your moods and emotions. That is selfish.

Working with your self within yourself, to conquer your self, to conquer your moods and emotions so that you are always nice, always peaceful, always helpful - that is not selfish. That is very unselfish because you are improving yourself and everyone around you. Many people try to straighten out everyone else according to their standards, an impossible dream, an impossible occupation and results are nil. But by working on yourself, just by sitting for a half-hour every day, twenty minutes even, that is unselfish. Because, you are accomplishing a great deal.

I hope this answers that question once and for all. It keeps coming up time and time again. I think it is only an excuse, because sitting alone, looking at you through your own eyes is a difficult thing to do.

Our Cyberspace Ashram is gaining a lot of strength and several who have been tuning in through the internet, have decided to go to Alaska. The Alaskan Innersearch from Vancouver, Canada to Anchorage where we are going to be blessing and placing a beautiful Ganesha Deity for the Hindu community there, beginning a temple which will come up in three or four years. Welcome aboard! Welcome aboard!

Be back again tomorrow on February 6th.

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