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The Spiritual Life Described

Today Gurudeva talks about the obstacles on the spiritual path, how you need determination to overcome those obstacles. He explains obstacles as masses of prana, or energy, set in motion by you yourself in the past. He welcomes all the people in 57 countries who are listening to these daily talks.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam, January 30th.

Greetings to each and everyone in 57 countries! We have 57 countries tuning into our Cyberspace Ashram here on the beautiful island of Kauai. We want to welcome each and everyone of you in 57 countries, who is listening and looking at the pictures of what were doing here at the ashram.

We are talking about determination today. We are talking about the power of determination. Once you make up your mind, on whatever level you make up your mind, don't ever get discouraged. Don't ever stop. Keep moving ahead. That is the spiritual way.

One person asked me, "What is spiritual life? What is actually spiritual life?"

Spiritual life is actually having a strong will-power, love in your heart and overcoming every obstacle on the spiritual path. Now you might think the spiritual path doesn't have any obstacles. It is an easy-going path and everything happens just perfectly. Not true. The spiritual path has many obstacles. Nobody created those obstacles but yourself. In a past life or the one before that, or in this life you made a mess of prana and sent that prana into the future. It became an obstacle to your spiritual unfoldment and only you can remove that obstacle because you knew and know now how you created that obstacle. It takes great determination. The only failure on the spiritual path is to quit, to stop. That is a failure. You have a little setback, that is not a failure. To work within yourself to overcome doubt, to work within yourself to overcome pride, to work within yourself to overcome fear, to work within yourself to conquer anger, to work within yourself to strengthen yourself, that takes a little time. It is not even a setback but it does slow you down. But after you have conquered pride and anger and fear and doubt, easy-going again for a while. Then, you meet another obstacle on the path you created yourself sometime in the past. You don't know how you created it but intuitively you will realize how you created it.

So, think about your life right up until the present day. The present day is today when we are together in cyberspace at the ashram here. Go back over your life and all of the experiences that you have had. All the obstacles you have overcome, brought you to this very ashram here on the beautiful Garden Island of Kauai. Your life will smooth out in the future. You wait and see. Because, you are functioning right now in 57 countries at a higher rate of vibration, listening to this message, than you ever were before in your life.

We will see you tomorrow. Actually, we won't be with you tomorrow or the next day. We are going on a retreat. On the retreat, we are reflecting on what we did and what we are going to do. So take a nice retreat with us, and in three days from now we will be back again. Our doors will be open again for another five or six days of Innersearch, looking within ourself and advancing ourself on the spiritual path.

Aum Namah Sivaya!

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The spiritual path is a constant turning within, turning the light of the superconscious into the dark corners and recesses of the mind. "What is hidden shall be revealed," and so it is on this path as man reveals his Self to himself.