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Maintaining Concentration

Today Gurudeva explains how to maintain your concentration by sitting up straight, opening up the power of the spine to be fully concentrated in the present--a simple but very useful technique.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam, January 27th. Greetings to each and everyone in cyberspace. We are very happy that you have selected our Cyberspace Ashram.

Early morning in the temple, our sadhana of the day was given to all of the mathavasis here, Swamis, Yogis, and Sadhakas. To remain centered inside the spine. This means to sit at the computers, to do our work all day with our consciousness within the center of the spine from the top to the bottom. In this way, past and future become now.

Try that this very moment. Sit up straight, do your work, be conscious of your spine and you are automatically conscious of the eternity of the moment. Now slump over just a little bit, bend the back, and you can easily be conscious of the past looking very big and the future full of desires looking very tempting. Sit up nice and straight now and feel the middle of the spine. Past and future collapse into the moment. That is actually all we have, the moment. In the moment, we are blissful, we are happy, we are secure, we are content. All the fine qualities of life are there.

This is our cyberspace message of the day. Be content and happy and fulfilled by holding awareness in the center of the spine, from the top to the bottom of it. We will be back again tomorrow.

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