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Sadhana of Creating Positive Plans

Gurudeva announces the start of Guru Jayanthi, going on to better and best. He gives the sadhana of creating positive plans for every month, and how not to block them through negative thoughts. He answers the question, "is it true that the Satguru must reincarnate over and over until all of his disciples are liberated?"

Unedited Transcript:

Ours and all satgurus is a successorship. It is my duty to turn over all of my disciples, whether they have realized it or not to my successor, and then to his successor and then to his successor. Because the guru doesn't do it for you. You have got to do it for yourself. The Guru points the way. The Guru guides you. The Guru protects you. The Guru keeps you on the right path but he is not a magic pill. You have to live. You have to work. You have to encounter your karmas. If you've been a very bad boy, you have to learn to be a very good boy by learning how bad you were, correcting the matter through what we call penance or prayaschitta, and then get on with your life.

So, the system is that I have to be on a lower level plane, until my successor appoints a successor and finishes his tenure on Earth. Then he has to be on that lower level plane until his successor finishes his tenure on Earth and so forth like that. Therefore, it is an ever building, ever passing on of the information, ever passing on of the siddhis, ever passing on of the wonderful life of the Guru-disciple relationship. But nobody is going to do it for you, if that is what your thinking. You have to do it for yourself.

The Guru gives the map, explains the destination. You've got to get in that car and drive to that destination. He will protect you psychically, spiritually, physically the best that he can, but you are the driver. Always remember that. There are no magic elements involved other than making you face your negative self. Bring forward your positive self and realize your divine Self beyond all concepts of the mind. Timelessness, formlessness, spacelessness; get the idea?

Thank you for the very nice question. You, wherever you are. We couldn't tell the country from your e-mail, but ask another one if this is not clear.

Aum Namah Sivaya.