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Celebration of Pancha Ganapati

Gurudeva describes Pancha Ganapati, the five day festival, explaining how Hindus experience each day by bringing forth harmony and joy and happiness in all three worlds. Gurudeva then tells how he has spoken to the Prime Minister of India who is working to get Hinduism taught again in schools. Gurudeva then tells us the meaning of asking questions and says when you ask a question you open yourself to an answer, be sure you really, really, want to know the answer.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam, December 20th.

Today, we prepare for a wonderful Hindu festival for the entire family and the children. Our families all over the world are celebrating Pancha Ganapati, a modern Hindu festival of the five-faced Maha Ganapati, Lord of Categories. It is a five-day festival. December 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25. There is something to do on every day.

The first day is a joyous time for the family. It should include outings, picnics, holiday feasts, exchange of cards and gifts with relatives and friends to create a vibration of love and harmony among immediate family members. Any misunderstanding throughout the year should be resolved on the 21st of December.

The next day, December 22, in worship of Pancha Ganapati, we create a vibration of love and harmony among neighbors, relatives and close friends. There is a lot of food and our home is open to everybody who wants to come, especially to the Lord of Categories called Lord Lono for the Hawaiian people, Ganesa or Ganapati for Hindus, and of course for Christians, he is represented as Santa Claus.

The next day, December 23, we create harmony among all of our business acquaintances.That means all debts are settled before the first of the year. All debts must be settled before or on December 23 to make the great God with the elephant trunk, really, really happy. The public at large is receiving gifts. Business acquaintances receive gifts. Harmony and joy for one and all.

December 24. This a time for music, art, drama and the dance. The children are brought in the plays, dance. Neighbors come forward, relatives come forward, business acquaintances come forward. It is a joyous time.

On December 25 is the final day of Pancha Ganapati, bringing forth love and harmony with all three worlds. The love is flowing with the entire family, sending out another 12 months of happiness and joy. You know, all of you out there in cyberspace, it is a great joy to live on planet Earth, if you live on planet Earth the way we should live on planet Earth.

Well, we had a wonderful conversation with Sri. Advani, the Home Minister of the Government of India. Comparing that to a state in Hawaii, it would be like Governor-General. Or to the United States of America, Head of the FBI. We had a wonderful conversation in his palatial office in India two or three years ago. He was very interested in 'Hinduism Today' and the work that we are doing. He is doing the same kind of work. We want to congratulate him for going through thick and thin, managing a big project which he is pushing through in India - teaching Hinduism in schools in India. Now it might surprise you in cyberspace, to know that Christianity is taught in schools, Islam is taught in schools, but Hinduism is not taught in schools in India.

Sri. Advani, is doing that job. He is trying get it started again. There have been many opposition groups, from communalism to communism to secularism, materialism, you name it. -isms, -isms, -isms against Hinduism.

'Hinduism Today' is fighting, in a very nice way, trying to push the ideas forward, plant seeds in people's minds, so that they sprout and grow and claim its rights. We are in a Hindu reniassance today. Sri. Advani is one of the pragmatic leaders of today's world in Hinduism and if he gets what he wants to have happen, makes it happen; that means every school in India, children will have a basic knowledge of the Vedic philosophies, of the existence of God everywhere, a one unifying force throughout the universe, the existence of karma and how karma works in ones personal life, the existence of dharma, reincarnation and all the wonderful things that Sanatana Dharma has to offer, under the modern name, called 'Hinduism'. We had a wonderful talk. It is nice to make contact with him again.

So, everyone in cyberspace, how are you? Are there any questions today? No? No questions came today. I guess I answered all of them really, really well, yesterday! If you have anything on your mind, no matter what it is, I will give it try.

When you ask a question and you get an answer, it is your good judgement to balance that answer out according to your intelligent level, so that it means something in your life. Otherwise, do not ask a question. When we ask questions, that means we want to change. We want to change our thinking. We want to change our emotions, our ways of procedure and we want to change even our personality. So, be careful of the questions that you ask. Because when you ask a question, you open yourself for an answer and that goes "Plop", right into your subconscious mind and begins to manifest, even without your knowing it. So, be sure you really, really want to know.

I will be seeing you in our familiar place, in front of your TV screen and mine, tomorrow, the first day of Pancha Ganapati, December 21.

Aum Namah Sivaya.