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Celebrating Pancha Ganapati

Gurudeva tells about Pancha Ganapati, even Hindu's today are celebrating Christmas. Gurudeva explains how and why we may reverse this trend. Gurudeva also tells us about daily talks between him and the Mathavasi. Saiva Siddhanta philosophy is briefly outlined.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam. December 13th. On our Vedic calendar, Sun 2 of a five-day phase and then a two-day retreat.

We set into motion a new flow of teaching from 12:00 to 12:30. All Mathavasis, those are the monks, sit in small groups with the four Acharyas and myself to talk about inner things. To sharpen up, especially for our young monks, the Saiva Siddhanta philosophical knowing and relating it to their daily life.

Many people are philosophical. That is in one part of their mind. Their daily life is another part of their thinking patterns and they don't relate the two. The Saiva Siddhanta philosophy, which brings out very clearly, external and internal worship and the application of the laws of karma, reincarnation, dharma, and so much, much more, merges them all together in daily life.

Well, here we are on paradise island and we often say humorously, "Another boring day in paradise!" But we can't really say that truthfully. Here at Kauai Aadheenam, our cyberspace ashram, every day is an exhilarating day, with new wonderful things to do and blessings to give out. Our Kadavul Hindu temple is sending out blessings through prasadam through the mail daily, to hundreds of people in many, many countries of the world.

We have a pilgrim here from a University in the Midwest of America but originally from Malaysia, Kulavani. We want to welcome her. She is living with some of the families who live here on the Island.

Pancha Ganapati - it is the season to worship Lord Ganesha. A number of years ago, elders and religious leaders of the Hindu community, found it a great concern that many ashrams - can you believe it?- have Christmas trees, give Christmas presents and celebrate Christmas. The true translation of the word, 'Christ-Mass', must be coming from the Catholic or the early Catholic, before that they say it was a pagan ceremony.

However, we have a wonderful approach to the holiday season. It is five days of gift-giving, called Pancha Ganapati. Pancha means five, Ganapati means Lord Ganesha, the giver of all good, the controller of dharma. The children receive gifts for five days and they have a wonderful time. Pancha Ganapati is in season and if you would like to know how to celebrate Pancha Ganapati in your Ashram or your home, use that little box and ask the Question, "Please send me information on Pancha Ganapati. I no longer want to do Christmas in my Ashram". Many people say, "Well, it's OK to do Christmas because we are Hindus and we are accepting all religions". Well then, why not celebrate the Jewish holidays, the Islamic holidays, the Zoroastrian holidays, the Sikh holidays ...come on! Buddhist holidays? Come on! Christmas is the only holiday, ashrams on the most part, celebrate. Many of the Hindu religious leaders don't want to do that anymore and Pancha Ganapati year after year has become very, very popular. We would be happy to send to you, without any charge, or to show you where you can find it on the internet. Five days of the worship of Lord Ganesha, the gift-giving God. It is really wonderful.

Well, I will be seeing you again tomorrow, and the next day and the next day in our very familiar place, right here at our Cyberspace Ashram. Remember the gifts that we offered yesterday.

Oh, one last thing. Deva Rajan, we expected you and we didn't see you on this beautiful Garden Island. We missed you at the beautiful holiday yesterday. We expected you to walk in the door at any minute ... You must have been meditating. I thought I saw you there several times. So, fly over again soon. Sorry you had to cancel your flight because of airline problems.

Aum Namah Sivaya, everyone! We'll be together again tomorrow, darshan time at Cyberspace Ashram!

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