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The Home and Mothers who Work

The Home and Mothers who Work: A mother's place is in the home. Why? What makes a home? A home is a vibration, not just furniture.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam. November 24.

Greetings and Aloha to everyone in Cyberspace. We are very happy you visited our cyberspace ashram today.

Acharya Bodhinatha speaks at the Kadavul Temple this morning, to the congregation of Saiva Siddhanta Church. Also, Easan Katir and his 9 year-old son Kartikkeya arrived to a 9-day task force. Our task force program in Saiva Siddhanta Church allows the family men and their sons to mix with the Swamis, Yogis and Sadhakas and get to know their religious life in an intimate way, so that they can implement a similar pattern of Hindu religious life, in their own home. This is one of the perks of Saiva Siddhanta Church. Others are - no divorce, no drugs, and a lot of other no-no's also. But, shining faces is the result.

Yesterday, Leimomi Lum, a very outstanding person, a hereditary priesthood of a 2000-year old lineage, who built the 7 temples going from the ocean up to the top of Waielele, our biggest mountain, the wettest place on earth. These temples were built by her ancestors. She is a hereditary Hawaiian priestess, who came to visit us and spend a few hours, blessing the land where the foundation is to be laid, just as her ancestors so many 100's of years ago, blessed the same land, where this temple of the Hawaiian people was built and flourished.

From San Diego a question and here is the answer. The question is, "My husband and myself do not have children to take care of. But, I teach. And I teach hundreds of children and better their lives. You say Gurudeva, 'a mother's place is in the home'. Am I not influencing, in the work-force, the lives for the betterment of all these children?"

Well, of course, you are. You are bettering many, many children. But, perhaps at the expense of your own happiness and contentment and that of your husband.

A mother's place is in the home. Why? What makes a home? A home is a vibration, not just furniture. It's not just a carpet and everything in its place. A real home is clean but, a little bit unkempt. Because, people are coming and going all the time. Relatives and friends.

Who is your biggest baby? Your husband. Let's face it. He needs your full-time attention. We believe a full-time wife and a full-time mother, and when the children are grown and married, a full-time wife, makes a full-time home. Otherwise, the home is nothing but a hotel-room or a suite, with nobody in most of the day.

I often marvel at the people in Silicon Valley, who are building million-dollar homes and not living in them. What is the karma of the chauffeur and the maid and the cook, who are there all the time, while both husband and wife are off to work, all day long? Come home to crash and then out to work again. That's not why we are here on planet earth. To stress ourselves out just for the sake of money. This whole idea of getting more money to sacrifice the happiness of personal contentment is a foreign idea to Asian cultures. It is a foreign idea, to even the United States of America, before the Second World War.

When a mother and a wife found the fulfillment of their entire life within their home, at that time and in those days, a gift was not a gift. It was made by hand, with love put into it, with time put into it. We live in a false culture today. More and more articles are coming out in magazines, that explain the corruption that is happening and the divorces that are occurring, when both partners work. A lot of temptation out there. The mother being at home creates a magnetism, which draws the whole family together. Grandma, grandpa of both sides, aunts and uncles, the elderly and the young. There is lots to do in the home.

Well, I'll be seeing you. This is a very difficult subject. A lot of people contest about what I have to say, a mother's place is in the home. But also there are a lot of people that appreciate this philosophy. In all the families who are members of the Saiva Siddhanta church, not one wife works. Not one.

I'll be seeing you in all of our very familiar places. You know what I am talking about.

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