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Money, Hospitality, Drugs, Church

Gurudeva answers questions today concerning money lending , hospitality among Hindus, alcohol and drugs, and Hindus attending Christian churches.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam, November 21. It is Sun 2 by our Vedic calendar.

Ti plants arrived from Oahu, over 80 varieties, bringing our collection up to one of the world's best. The Ti plant is very sacred, or used to be anyway, to the Hawaiian people. One of them is called 'Yogi', after Yogi Yuganatha. It didn't have a name, when they went shopping for it. The gentleman who sold it, named it 'Yogi' and put a tag on it.

Today, mathavasis - these are monks under vows - moved into different schools to learn accounting, and how we perform our budgets and controls, as we are on a cash basis.

Also, twelve wonderful, beautiful pieces of art arrived from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, South India, for 'Merging with Siva'. Eight more to arrive and then, the book is finished. But, it is going very well at Bookcrafters and is scheduled to be printed January 15. $39.85 for the public, but for all of you who are listening, $29.85 - 25% discount because you are our very favorite people.

Today, we have some questions. One from Singapore. Greetings to Singapore and all the devotees there, in our cyberspace congregation. This is on money-lending. "What are the karmic implications of money-lending?"

Well, they are very bad, if it is illegal money-lending. That's bad money and bad money won't do anybody any good. You can't do a good deed or do good for yourself or your family with that money. However, if it is legal, and the interest laws are compatible with other countries, as well as within the country itself, then it's good money. Of course, as long as you pay it back.

Narayanan, who just moved from New Zealand to Sydney, Australia, is wondering about hospitality among Hindus. He mentions that, "Other religions reach out to a newcomer in the country. But, perhaps we Hindus are a little neglectful."

Well, Hindus all over the world are rather clannish. We have been working with this for a number of years. I traveled all through Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and England, encouraging everyone to open their heart and open their doors to take in, at that time, refugees from Sri Lanka. Take in new-comers. We are always talking about that to temples in the United States. When a white person comes in, open your heart and mind. Don't ignore that person, because white people can become Hindus, too. That's big news to some people, who think that you have to be born in India only, to be a Hindu. Not true, not true by any means.

So, Narayana, you can set an example by merging into the community, welcomed or not. Once they get to know you, they will love you, if there is a problem, no red carpet has been rolled out to receive you.

Davala Shanmuga had a question about alcohol and drugs.

Yes, it is true. Alcohol is just as bad as drugs. However, it is legal. What we were speaking about, is the legality, the dividing line between what is legal, and what is not legal and the consequences of incarceration.

Children need to listen to their parents. Parents need, as Davala has said, to set a good example for the children, in all kinds of mind-altering or stimulating substances. I would say, including coffee.

Someone else asked about, "Is it OK for a Hindu to go to a Christian Church, if there is no Hindu temple, close to where they live?"

Well, no good Hindu would go to a Christian Church because all religions are not the same, but all religions are good in their own way. Christians go to Christian churches, Hindus go to Hindu temples, Muslims go to their mosques, The Jewish people go to their synagogues and that is the way it is.

Well, I am looking out into cyberspace and I can see you, all of your smiling faces, in all so many races out there. Our cyberspace congregation is increasing daily.

A special Aloha and welcome to our beautiful Ashram here on Kauai, to Valerie who Acharya Palaniswami met in the Los Angeles Airport. We welcome you and look forward to seeing you very, very soon.

We have a little counter on our computer, which tells us how many, each day, come in from the many, many countries, where they live. It's amazing how many are reaching out their hearts and minds all over the world, at darshan time, here at our cyberspace ashram. We love each and everyone of you. Our love is flowing out from the beautiful garden island of Kauai.

Well, we'll be seeing you and we will be blessing you and loving you tomorrow, when you come to cyberspace Ashram.

Aum Namah Sivaya.

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