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Spiritual Path, Solutions

Gurudeva tells us how he sees us through cyberspace. We are told we are one of two types of people those who want to progress on the spiritual path, and those who want to want to progress. Gurudeva explains the difference and gives us a sadhana to perform. The spiritual path is a razor edged path-as Yogaswami said "It is like walking on a hair over a river of fire." Gurudeva talks about the three kinds of karmas.

Unedited Transcript:

Paramacharya Bodhinatha arrives today, late evening with Nilakantha. Bodhinathaswami has been away for 2 months. We'll be very happy to receive him back and then the following 2 days, he will be debriefed. This will mean he will tell us all of the adventures, the ins-and-outs of everything, about the wonderful, worldwide congregation that he has been visiting in the homes of our missionary families in Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius and India. We will get all the information and will be able to move Saiva Siddhanta Church forward.

Also, Sadhaka Thondunatha and Yogi Tapovana are doing very well in their fund-raising mission for the Iraivan Temple foundation. Now, that is a temple that's being made of stone in India, in Bangalore and then the stones are being brought to Hawaii. But, we have to build a $300,000 foundation. They already have pledges and cash, in their first day, of $75000. Congratulations to you both.

Well, on the spiritual path and I am looking out at my cyberspace congregation. I am looking out at cyberspace through yesterday and the day-before and I see your faces, because ... why? You still have what you saw at our cyberspace ashram in your mind. Therefore, your faces are floating in cyberspace, thinking about it.

Now, you may be one of two types of people. You can identify yourself. One type is - "I want to progress on the spiritual path. " Another type is, "I want to want to progress on the spiritual path."

We saw a program on the richest person in the world, Bill Gates of Microsoft. He didn't say, "I want to want to be the richest man in the world." He said,"I want to be the richest person in the world." and, he did it.

There is a small dividing line, so small you can't see it, between "I want to want to" and "I want to". Think about it. If you want to want to do things and then just go ahead and proceed with confidence and don't do them. Are you the kind of person that says to yourself, "I can't", then, " ... but I'll try", and then you proceed and find out that you can't, but you did try.

Look in the mirror. When you turn away from this screen and from my voice, go into the bathroom or your bedroom. Look into the mirror, and ask yourself, "Am I a want-to person? Or, am I a want-to-want-to person?" This is a good sadhana. This is a good test to get to know yourself a little bit better.

Over the past 50 years of my spiritual ministry in the Saiva Siddhanta Church and we are celebrating our 50th Anniversary in 1999, I have seen every kind of a person and listened to every kind of a problem. You know, there only about 50, less than a 100 problems that humankind goes through. They all have a solution. The people who want to find a solution, find the solution and move on through life. The people who want to want to find a solution, find a solution and they want to put it into action, they really, really do. They want to want to do that, but they never do. They don't move on through life. They live with their problems as their closest, dearest friend.

The spiritual path is a razor-edge path. As my Satguru Yogaswami said, "It is at times like walking on a hair, over a river of fire." But also it is a beautiful path, full of bliss and happiness, contentment and well-being, as we work through the karmas and understand the karmas, that we brought with us in this life. There are 3 kinds of karmas - the karmas that we make in this life, that action and reaction are experiences; the karmas that we bring with us in this birth; and the karmas we can't do much about, that we leave in the inner world to be brought forward to another birth.

This might seem like a play upon words to you. "I want to" and "I want to want to". But, it is really, really true. Let's take smoking, for instance. "I want to give up smoking," people say. "I want to want to give up smoking." Well, you talk to people like that. Those who want-to-want-to still smoke and are probably going to die pretty soon. Those who want to and did are probably going to live, a long time.

That's the sadhana for today - November 2. Thank you for coming into cyberspace ashram at Kauai Aadheenam on the beautiful garden island of Kauai. I'll be seeing you in about 3 days, after our retreat. Adios. Ciao. Auf weidersein. Aum Namah Sivaya.

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The Self, the realization of God, Parasiva, is immanent now within everyone, only realizable according to the soul's evolution, which can be hastened through the practice of yoga.