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Change Mind, No to Drugs

Today Gurudeva reads to us a from many years ago, 1959, just before coming to Kauai. concerning the Realization of the Self which begins "The Self You Can't Explain It..." Gurudeva then talks about changing our minds. Gurudeva is talking with the police on the Garden Island of Kauai concerning police work surrounding drug usage and gives us warnings.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam. October 31.

Halloween. This is what we were talking about a few days ago.

Nitya Nadesan is one of my Church members, Saiva Siddhanta Church. He visits me at this time of the year on the Garden Island of Kauai. He is from the city of Seattle, Washington state. When he heard what I think you heard about Halloween, he said, when he goes home, there are eggs splattered all over the windows and doors of his house. He doesn't eat eggs, he is a vegetarian and there they are! He has to hire somebody to clean them up. Our little devils are at it again! Imagine training children like that. Where are our brains anyway? Where are they? To say in the Tamil language, "Moolai illai." No brains!

Today, I have a beautiful reading for you. I wrote many, many pages of a beautiful, inspired talk given in 1959, just before coming to Hawaii, the evening before. I flew off in the morning to Hawaii for the very first time. I wrote it all by hand, I hope I can read it because it is going into the book, 'Merging with Siva'.

Today, we are editing the articles for 'Hinduism Today'. I don't have to do much editing. It goes through several editors before it ever comes to me and I listen to each one on my computer reading it to me. We have a supercard, voice control program. Works out very, very well. Each one has to have an OK from me, before it is printed.

In the Garden Island of Mauritius, on the other side of the planet from us, we had a Youth Retreat just recently. For Deepavali, were pre-booked excursions with a very beautiful cruise-ship, with twenty to thirty families enjoying a wonderful dinner, lectures from my two swamis there on various inspiring subjects. This was a fund-raising event for this beautiful park that we are building for the country, to unify everyone in the country that there is 'One God, One World'.

We sent off two of our mathavasi monks to California on a fund-raising tour for San Marga Iraivan Temple foundation. Sadhaka Thondunatha, Yogi Tapodana flew off and are doing very well actually.

You are going to enjoy this inspired talk. It is about you, it is all about you! It is about the inner you, the core of your being. Given in 1959.

"The Self: you can't explain it. You can sense its existence through the refined state of your senses, but you can't explain it. To know it, you have to experience it. And the best you could say about it is that it is the depth of your Being, it's the very core of you. It is you."

Now, try this. As you are listening to me read, sit quietly.

"If you visualize above you nothing; below you nothing; to the right of you nothing; to the left of you nothing; in front of you nothing; in back of you nothing; and dissolve yourself into that nothingness, that would be the best way you could explain the realization of the Self. And yet that nothingness would not be the absence of something, like the nothingness in the inside an empty box, which would be like a void. That nothingness is the fullness of everything: the power, the sustaining power, of the existence of what appears to be everything.

"After you realize the Self, you see the mind for what it is -- a self-created principle. That is the mind ever creating itself. The mind is form ever creating form, preserving form, creating new forms and destroying old forms. That is the mind."

This is very beautiful, isn't it? The Self within you is unchanging. your emotions change, your body changes, your mind changes. You can change your mind, other people can change your mind. That is what I was trying to say yesterday and several days ago, when I was talking about drugs. Don't let anybody change your mind. After deep reflection, careful consideration, you might choose to change your mind. But, as far as drugs are concerned, say "No." That is all you have to say. Don't be a criminal or associate with criminals.

We talked to the Chief of Police here on Kauai, yesterday. And, he is setting up a task force to explain to us, what they do to drug abusers, drug users, drug pushers and the criminals they catch here through their secret service, plainclothesmen, officers in uniforms. Be careful, if you are listening to this and you are thinking that way, you might be in deep trouble. Or, if you know of anyone. He told us that he has set up a secret line for anonymous calls. You can call this line with information about anyone you suspect of committing a crime here on the island of Kauai. That would be beating wives, beating children without mercy, using drugs, selling drugs. Be careful. This is a very important warning to all who are tuned in to Cyberspace Ashram, our beautiful Cyberspace Ashram, through the Internet.

Well, I will be seeing you, looking at your face. I don't know who I am talking to out there. I am talking to some group of people who have tuned in, I know. Otherwise, I've not talked about drugs and things like this before. I am tuning in to your mind, giving you advise to protect you for a better life.

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When the mind is disturbed, it is outwardly strong. The mind that is not disturbed is inwardly strong. Your inner strength is always more dependable than your outward display of strength.