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Karmic Consequences

Gurudeva asks, "are you ready for the end of the world"? Gurudeva then defines "Spiritual Obedience." Gurudeva discusses this time of year as being a time for confession and prayaschitta, clearing the subconscious mind. Gurudeva continues his talk on drugs. Gurudeva discusses the laws of karma and reincarnation.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam. October 24.

Well, we are getting closer and closer to the end of the world! Are you ready? Do you have your bags packed?

A long silence out there in cyberspace. Well, the end of the world has been predicted at the turn of the other century, when we came into the year 1000. That was supposed to be the end of the world. Maybe it was somebody's world, but not ours.

We have guests occasionally, who come saying, "I have been reading your books. I am totally dedicated. I am ready to do anything, go any place, follow any instruction, any sadhana that you want me to, because you are my guru."

Well, only recently, somebody said that to me and I said, "Well, I'll take you up on that. Go live with or near your elderly mother. She may need you at this time of her life."

The answer was, "I can't really do that.That's really not possible for me to do. We don't get along too well. No. no, that's not.... Tell me something else to do."

"Okay," I said, "I'll try again." I did give him some other little thing to do and that also was not possible, either.

It is a dirty job. But, somebody has to do it, in case they do find the cooperative, intelligently cooperative devotee. What is spiritual obedience? It is not blind obedience. It is intelligent cooperation. Asking the right questions, getting the instructions absolutely clear, and then, with great energy and enthusiasm, making it happen. That is a spiritual person - he makes it happen. He does not come back with all kinds of excuses. He does not try to set you on his ideas.

Well, we called up Mauritius today, talked to our mathavasis there. They are doing just fine. The Spiritual Park that we are building for the country is moving along. We are planting beautiful things. The Panchamukha Ganapathy Mandapam is a big building, almost a three-storey building, over a 9-foot tall, 5-headed Ganesha made of solid granite, in South India and sent to the Garden Island of Mauritius from the Garden Island of Kauai. It is the central function and lecture hall of this beautiful Spiritual Park in Mauritius.

Today is the day of answering emails and letters and receiving confessions to give prayaschitta or penance, in a month or two. This is the time of the year, this 4-month period up until December 15, when all of my sishya, chelas, or devotees look within themselves to see if they have upheld the best within them, if they have transgressed and have felt guilty about it. They want to clear out their subconscious mind and have some sort of a penance or corrective measure given to them, so that it does not become a vasana deep enough to bring them back into another birth or perhaps, a bad birth.

Well, I have been asked to talk about drugs. I did yesterday and again today. Our dear friend Marilyn Wong here on the Island of Kauai, is the head of 'Drug Free Kauai'. That means, we want to have the Kauai Island drug-free. A lot of people who take drugs and feel that they need some kind of stimulant or suppressant, something like that, are mystically inclined, who understand the laws of karma.

The laws of karma are the laws of action. Every action as we know has an reaction. When we implement that which is illegal, it has a reaction in our next life, if not in this one. There are 2 kinds of money - good money, acquired from legal activities, hard work and bad money acquired from illegal activities and the conniving works. Because drugs are illegal, money gained from selling them is bad money. That has dire consequences in the next life. The person will be born impoverished, without money. Any money he gains will be lost very, very quickly, because he is working against society. So, in the next life, society will not help that person at all. Instinctively, they will withdraw from that person. That is called a bad birth. Watch CNN and you will see in countries, all over the world, people living on the streets and impoverished people. I would not say all of them are drug-pushers in their previous birth, but maybe a lot of them did something in their previous life that manifested in the impoverished state in their current life.

Now, can they work out of that? Yes, they can. How? By improving society, willing to give, willing to serve. Bad money can never be cleansed. It is just a popular statement that if you give bad money to religious institutions, they can turn it into good money. No way can that happen. It will only do damage to the religious institution. What do you do with bad money? I don't know. But, don't spend it on yourself because it won't do you any good either.

In the schools here on the Garden Island of Kauai, are many young children, that should be taught to say "No" to the clever, manipulating drug-pushers on this Island. He might be a 16-year old kid, who is eager to accumulate bad karma, bad money and a bad birth in the next life.

Now for all of this to become understandable, we have to understand the law of karma, the law of the 3 kinds of karma and the law of reincarnation. Without understanding the three kinds of karma or reincarnation, this does not make a lot of sense, it is not scary at all.

Those of you who are visiting my electronic ashram in cyberspace, you understand karma, 3 kinds of karma and the process of reincarnation. The first kind of karma is the karma that you bring with you, in this life to develop. Some you leave in the closet, in suitcases for another birth and that is the second kind, that you don't bring with you. The third kind is what you make in this life, to be lived out in another lifetime. So, we keep coming back into the physical form. Reincarnation means, re-enter a fleshly body, coming back and back and back until all karmas are resolved and we don't have to come back to a physical birth anymore. You might ask, what do we do then?

Well, tune in to Cyberspace ashram, we'll talk about that one of these days, very, very soon. Well, I'll be seeing you and you'll be seeing you, too if what I have said today makes any sense to you, has stirred your conscience in any way.

If you are a seller, you are a loser. If you are a user, you are a loser, too. There is no win-win situation here. Believe me, there is no win-win situation.

I'll leave you with that. I'll be seeing you.


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As the light cannot detach itself from its rays, Lord Siva cannot withdraw Himself from His creations.