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Reporting Domestic Violence; Power of Guru; Accept a Better Life

Gurudeva relates an incident of a young man from Malaysia who was severely beaten by his father. A bookmark for Merging with Siva which shows the colors of the Human Aura is being developed. Illegal drugs and their relationships to inner life is a topic that Gurudeva has been asked to address as well as a goal to have Kauai be a drug free island. Gurudeva discusses the definition of culture. Drug culture is not a culture. Culture is the outgrowth of man's relationship to God. The negative effects of illegal drug use are discussed.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam. It is October 23. On our mystical Vedic calendar, it is Sun 3.

A very interesting story has developed. We were written to by a young man, about 14 or 15, from Malaysia, about how badly he had been beaten by his stepfather. One of the members of Saiva Siddhanta Church, actually took a picture of him that showed the scars on his back. This is a very courageous member and we really commend you. A few days ago, he was personally commended by the Police, Security Agents, the Principal of the school in a grand auditorium, for basically saving this young man's life. Though he was beaten, he did survive. Only two weeks ago, he was found to have severe burns on his hands and legs. The adopted parents, made no effort for medical treatment, at all. He was rushed to the hospital and now, is in a foster home. They are filing a case with criminal charges.

Well, one step to us offers us nine steps to you. That is our contract. So, we have used up now about 7 steps to this young man, because he wrote the letter, asking Saiva Siddhanta Church and its members in Malaysia, to help.

We worked for several hours on the color of a beautiful bookmark for the new edition of 'Merging with Siva'. This bookmark gives the colors of the human aura and what they mean. So, if you see auras, you will be able to know what those aura colors mean, by reading our bookmark. 'Merging with Siva' will be out sometime in the first of next year and ready for purchase.

Today, we had a publisher's desk meeting. This means, we plan out the next edition of 'Hinduism Today', international magazine. It worked out very well and we are on our way for the next edition, featuring a beautiful cover, which I think you are going to like. It shows the power of the guru. If it is necessary for the guru to burn out the bad karmas of an individual, there is a quick and easy way to do it, through the third eye. I think you would like to see that.

We have been asked to speak a little bit on drugs and their relationship to inner life by one of our partners on the island, Marilyn Wong, who is head of the 'Drug Free Kauai'. Now, this does not mean that you get drugs free on Kauai! Let us not construe this. We want Kauai to be drug-free. We want everybody coming to our Garden Island to be uplifted, have no need for marijuana, cocaine and all these various expensive things. We want everyone coming to our Garden Island, to enjoy life, enjoy the beauty of nature, be one with nature and not want to escape from life, avoiding situations and circumstances. We want everyone to be loyal to their partners, and raise their children properly.

We hear much today about the drug culture. Can it be called a culture? I don't think so. Where does culture come from? Culture comes from worship in the temple. Culture comes from man's relationship to God, as a group of people, not as an individual. We hear about the Hawaiian culture. When the temples of the Hawaiian people went down, the culture went away, the language went away, and the race went away. All gone, thanks to an aggressive religious movement of another religion. Culture is the outgrowth of man's relationship to God and the angels and devas. He carries that forward to his wife, to their children, their relatives and community at large. That is what culture is. Every thing else is just trashy living.

Now, I don't want to discourage the people who take drugs and may be listening. I know, a few of you are listening to me, on the internet. I don't want to trash you. I just want to trash what you are doing. You are a divine soul. You don't have to escape from anything. The karmas that you are going through, are what you created in a past life. You don't have to escape them. Maybe you don't like society. Well, change it. You are a very special person, because you are a soul living on planet Earth. Call upon your soul power, not upon an illegal package that you hold in your pocket.

That is another thing. Drugs are illegal, makes you a criminal, makes you want to hide, puts you in the chakras below the muladhara chakra. We are going to talk a little bit about this tomorrow. The chakra below the muladhara chakra is the fear chakra. That is not a good state of consciousness to be in, always worried and looking over your shoulder and finding out who is behind you. You get paranoid. Maybe somebody is chasing you. Maybe you will be discovered. Maybe you will be arrested and die KCCC or deported back to your state. You don't want that. You don't want to live like that. That is not right.

Drug Free Kauai. 'Aloha' is the spirit of Kauai, of loving each other in friendship and camaraderie. That is the spirit we want here. Go to another island for drugs. Go to another state, another country. Not here. Not here on Kauai, because this is a spiritual island. This is an island that is a vortex, that lifts you up. It will lift you up. You do not need anything else to stimulate you, to open inner doors of higher chakras and all that.

Now, I am talking to you through cyberspace, to you who are right on this Garden Island, looking right in your computer at me. Right now, as I am talking, I am looking at you and seeing what you are doing.

A better life awaits you. But, you have to accept it. Don't avoid it. It is a valuable time on this planet, living in a physical body. With abortions and murders and all the terrible things that are happening - watch CNN - you can lose your body really easily there. A new body is really hard to get. Don't destroy it.