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Rising in High Love

Gurudeva talks about voice and prana, tuning into the akasha and relates this to the CD's being made for Merging with Siva. Cold and warm teachings are defined as is religion. Gurudeva also compares high love and low love, falling in love versus rising in love.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam, it is October 8. Well, we have a wonderful pilgrim here. A Sri Lankan devotee, retired, who has a pilgrimage route. Once a year, he takes a 5-week pilgrimage, alternating the halves of the planet. First half, he goes around all the gorgeous, fantastic and huge South Indian Tamil temples. Then, the next year he visits the Tamil temples through Europe, some of our temples in Germany, throughout the United States and visits us here at Kauai Aadheenam. This is his third visit here and we always look forward to seeing him. He is very uplifting.

Of course, a pilgrim carries the Spirit of God with him. It is easier to see God in a pilgrim than in anyone else. You don't have to look very hard.

Well, our mathavasis, our swamis, our monks have flown now, from India to Malaysia. They are in Sungai Petani, near Penang. They will be there for several days and then, two will return here. Paramacharya Bodhinatha and Brahmachari Nilakantha Devan will fly to the beautiful Garden Island of Mauritius, where we have just finished building the Mahaganapathy Mandapam. That is a very big, almost 3-storey building, a meeting hall for lectures, singing, dancing for the people of the country of Mauritius. They have raised nearly 3 million rupees, that is a lot there, to build this beautiful edifice in our Spiritual Park, in about 11 acres of land, where the river meets the ocean. Beautiful place for rest, spirituality and quiet, for all the religions of the country.

Well, we began on a momentous task of creating 26 CDs, of the 365 daily lessons of 'Merging with Siva'. What a task! We have already finished about 25 of them and we are on our way to completion. This is a new series of CDs called, 'Gurudeva's Talking Books'. This means you can play the CD and also read the book at the same time. Voice is very important because voice and energy, which is prana, conveys meaning. We can look at the pages of the book and everyone understands sentences and words differently, one from another. But, hearing the voice, you tune in to the akasa. The inner space is something like cyberspace, where the experience that produced the words in the first place is recorded. There is a oneness that is developed. Your own superconsciousness, your innate intelligence, your intuition therefore, draws on that original experience that is being explained in these 365 daily lessons.

You know, schools these days are thinking about going into cold teaching. Put the child in front of the computer and let the computer become the teacher. What kind of a person will that produce? Well, we have yet to find out. Warm teaching is verbal teaching, conveying knowledge from person to person, teacher to pupil. Intelligence is conveyed from one human being to another human being. It triggers off an intelligence within that person he is, hopefully, teaching.

We want to talk a little bit about love to all of you in cyberspace. There are 2 kinds of love, high love and low love. Love of God, love of people, is high love. Love which forms attachment is low love. It brings hurt, brings pain, stimulates emotions, stimulates the physical body. But, it is not lasting. It should not be called love. Many people have said and have heard it said that they have fallen in love. In 51 years of my ministry, I have never heard anyone say, "I have risen in love." Maybe they have risen in love and sustained that relationship for a lifetime. I know many, many married couples, who celebrate their 40th and 50th wedding anniversaries.

Just think about it. If you fall in love, what falls? Everything falls - thoughts, feelings, emotions. If you rise in love, everything rises - thoughts, feelings and emotions. So, be careful. Watch your thoughts, feelings and emotions. To really know a person, to really love that person, that person has to have the same thoughts, the same feelings, the same emotions, the same interest, the same hobbies as yourself, preferably the same religion. Oh, absolutely, the same religion. Otherwise, there is nothing in common. Religion comes into play and becomes an issue especially, when the first children are born."How shall we raise the baby?" Then, the battle begins, with parents on both sides saying, "It has to be my religion." The tussle begins. Then, they say, "Well, we are going to let our child choose his own religion, when he grows up." That means, he does not have a religion till he grows up. Growing up is one of the major emphasis of every religion in the world, to guide somebody to grow up properly.

I had the pleasure once, in Trinidad, Tobago, of talking to the Head of the School System. He said, "Without religion in the schools, without morals in the schools, we are raising educated criminals." What is religion? Many people these days pooh-pooh religion. Religion is a repetition of the law of how to live a good life. A good life brings success, lasting happiness, faith, joy, and all the wonderful qualities and gifts that life has to offer. Let us not look askance at religion.Whatever the religion might be, it is worthwhile.

Think about love. High love or low love? Either go up or down. No sideways, no forward or back. It is either up or down. High love is the blending of emotions, thoughts and feelings. Low love is only carnal. Maybe it doesn't start out that way, but it ends that way because the thoughts don't blend. Maybe the feelings did once. But, only when the thought blends and the interest blends, is it lasting.

Well, we don't know how we got into that subject. I think I am talking to somebody out there in cyberspace. The numbers on our cyberspace counting machine are increasing, in listening to 'Today at Kauai Aadheenam'. We are always very happy to meet and greet you.

Pass this information on to your children. This is good, solid information. If you say, "Oh ... my children aren't interested. They won't listen", pass it on anyway. Even though they are not listening, they are hearing. It goes into their subconscious mind. You are planting seeds and it will mature, in the years to come.

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We make very little progress when we strive to conquer these baser instincts in a good mood. However, vast strides are possible when we are miserable and work with ourselves to replace our misery with joy and understanding.