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Listen to Your Soul

Gurudeva talks about the ancient art of stone carving in India for the Iraivan Temple. Discussion ensues about saying "I'm sorry." Humility is a strength of the soul, this is a Siddhi. Speak soul to soul, listen to the still small voice of your soul. Break through the hard crust of the ego, allow your soul to guide your life.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam, October 2. It was a wonderful day at our Bangalore Temple site, where we are carving the Iraivan Temple, completely out of stone, in the old traditional way. Today is a very sacred day when the silpis bless their tools. Silpis are stone carvers and that is the traditional name of their 'jati'. Thousands and thousands of chisels, each lasting 3 or 4 minutes, and then it has to be sharpened again, in the ancient way on a fire.

We are reviving the art of the traditional stone-carvers of India. Actually it is a training school for the young aspirants to come forward and learn. First, how to chip a stone, and in later years, how to carve a flower, then a deity and then a face. It is really a wonderful place. If you are ever in Bangalore, visit. Jiva Rajasankara, his wife, Kanmani and sons, Senthilathiban and Thuraisingam are all there a hundred percent, with all of the silpi carvers, over 75 now. Many have been with us for 7 years, working consistently, a puja every morning, meditation in the evening. It is a veritable ashram. We are so happy with what we are doing.

We are talking right to you, Jiva and Kanmani, right to you. Your celebration included a magic show! A long, long, long applause to Jiva and Kanmani, as to the wonderful work that they are doing, the kindness that they are showing to the workers. We have the first plan in India, for a retirement program and of course, we take care of all the nominal hospital needs and much of the food.

We want to tell you, group of silpis, that we are so proud of what you are doing. We are talking to you, through cyberspace from Kauai Aadheenam to the Bangalore Gallery, where you are scattered around our very small computer there. We hope someone will donate a bigger one. That is a request. We are all beggars here, begging to complete this magnificent project of the Iraivan Temple. The wish-fulfilling Siva Lingam is within it and everybody is blessed. Nobody is denied a blessing.

Have you ever felt that you needed to say, "I am sorry"? Have you ever felt that you needed to say, "I am sorry"? Have you ever felt that you really needed to say, "I am sorry" and were too proud to say, "I am sorry."? Too bashful to say, "I am sorry."? Too resentful to say, "I am sorry"? Yet, you knew you had to say, "I am sorry"? Maybe you said it mentally, but you never let anybody know. Well, you are all bottled up on the inside. Your soul was saying, "Say I am sorry. Settle the matter." You knew you were wrong.

Humble yourself. Humility is a great quality of the soul. Humility is a strength of the soul. Humility is really a siddhi, a power. Our Hindu scriptures say that the wheat and the rice stand tall. But, as the grains develop on the top, the head bows down. It hangs its head, because it is so heavy with nutritious grains. So do the wise bow their head, so heavy with the knowledge of the Sanatana Dharma.

I want you to do something today, if you have been coming to the Aadheenam, our Ashram, at least 3 times, through cyberspace. I want you to go to someone and say, "I am sorry. I made a mistake. I hurt your feelings. I really love you and I didn't mean to do it." Speak to them, speak to their soul. Not to their body, not to their mind, not to their emotions, speak to their soul. As your soul is speaking to their soul, you both move forward in your karma so fast. Say "I am sorry." Don't be too proud. Don't be too shy. Don't ignore those inner feelings of your soul. The still, small voice within you knows what is right. Make that still, small voice loud. Listen to it. It is your soul talking to your intellect, trying to remove all your ignorance.

Well, I will be seeing you tomorrow in our familiar place, looking at our computer screen, PC or Macintosh. We will be together. We like it this way.

This is the sadhana of today. If you don't fulfill it, I will be sorry. You don't want to make me unhappy, do you? So, let your soul shine forth. Make a big advancement in your life. I want you to break through the hard crust of the ego, want you to break through the shyness of the ego. Shyness is only an excuse. You will be able to allow your soul to guide your life and that is called spiritual living.

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A beautiful practice is to try to sit quietly, visualizing within the lotus within the heart a light, a strong light emanating clearly, a light that is always there.