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Energy, Willpower, Effort, Discipline

Today Gurudeva tells us we to can do miracles. One of these is to change ourselves. Gurudeva tells us what change and transformation really is and how effort is required. He tells us how we can awaken the energy within ourselves and that we can become saints.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam, it is September 30. Our Shingon Buddhist priest came with a group of his devotees in the neighboring temple, to teach us the secret of pickling radishes in the monastery way, with cultures that are over a 100-years of age. We videoed it, hoping to put the video for you to see here on the internet at 'Kauai Aadheenam Today'. We just received our video camera, a digital one. So, keep looking. We'll soon be there.

We had a wonderful meeting of our 'Vision Kauai' group, consisting of community leaders, the Mayor, Head of Council and everyone who motivates this island on to the future. We decided that everyone on this island, in the unity and diversity coalition, is called 'Kauaian'. This is a new thing for this garden island, to be a Kauaian. We are printing big posters, pamphlets and bumper stickers. We are looking forward to a 20-year vision of the island of Kauai, which will go into the General Plan Update of the core Council of this island. We are also, asking every resident of the island to give his vision and what he wants to see in the next 20 years. It is a chance to hear his voice.

Concensualocracy. We all agree on the Vision of the Island of Kauai. We are moving ahead to a glorious future.We have been meeting for over a year and a half. Many changes have taken place. Economy has improved. We are very grateful for the Divine energies that come through this group, that prays to the Divine for inspiration to know the direction for guiding the people of Kauai into the next millennium.

Paramacharya Bodhinatha in India has attended a great parade and function of Sri Sri Sri Balagangadharanathaswami. A four mile parade, celebrating the twentieth year of his mission in lifting up the people of his community, in establishing over 200 centers, of stabilizing homes for the aged, homes for the blind, hospitals, training centers and much, much more.

Sri Sri Trichiswami received our pilgrims and gave his words of wisdom. He is one of the great saints of India.

I would like to tell you today, that you can be a saint also. It is not that difficult these days. You have to do a few miracles, of course. But, you also have to be a very good and kindly person.

One of the miracles that you can do is to change yourself. Only you can do that. All the saints of all the ages of all religions of all the worlds cannot change you. Only you can do that. That is a miracle, if you can do that in this lifetime. When you do transform yourself, it is not by what you know intellectually, not by your emotional experiences. It is not as an adolescent changing into a mature person, through sexual experiences, through educational learning or through the unexpected. No. That is not changing.

Changing you is lifting your consciousness. In other terms, transforming yourself by regular, disciplined, spiritual practices at the same time every day, relentlessly, never giving up, never letting down. It takes effort to be a great ballet dancer. It takes effort to be an opera star. It takes effort to hold a position in Hollywood, year after year after year until you are playing adult parts of 70-year, 80-year old, 90-year old person, having started at 14 or 12 or even 6 years of age. That takes willpower and commitment. That takes an energy that you can awaken within yourself. You can be famous. You can be a saint.

This does not mean you have to run a spiritual organization. This does not mean you have to be on TV. This does not mean you have to be in the newspaper. This has to mean that you can make a difference in yourself by creating a miracle within you, by paying attention to yourself. Give yourself a break! Pay to attention to others, if you want them to change. You have mental arguments with others that are never-ending. Nobody wins. You hope that you will, but you don't. Give yourself a break.

Change yourself by disciplining yourself physically, emotionally, mentally. You will become a saint. The first miracle of becoming a saint is to transform yourself into saintliness. Give it a try.

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