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Love and Color Sadhana

Gurudeva describes a tree planting with a Buddhist priest from Japan which was performed yesterday and how close this group of Buddhists is to us. Three important words are spoken to help us to face the Kali Yuga, and Gurudeva also tells how we can give love and awaken the divine energy giving us a sadhana using color. Gurudeva then continues his song.

Unedited Transcript:

Well, our retreat has finished and here we are again. Sun One, September 22 at Kauai Aadheenam. Welcome for the darshan of the day. I am seeing you, you are seeing me in cyberspace.

Yesterday, we had a tree-planting with a beautiful, traditional Buddhist priest from Japan, of the Shingon order. It was the tree that Tirumular sat under for his enlightenment. Also, the Buddha. The priest said, "The Buddha sent me here. I didn't come on my own. The Buddha sent me here to help and bless this sacred tree." It was a beautiful event. Drums playing, conch shells, and cymbals. A big parade led this wonderful person, out into the 52 acres of Kauai Aadheenam land and this holy tree was planted.

Then, in our casual conversation yesterday, Arumugaswami, who has a hobby of making daikon pickles, asked him that we would like have the 100-year old culture that makes the daikon pickle so special, for the monasteries of the Buddhist monks in Japan.We have been trying to get this for such a long time. It is a secret, a very well-kept secret. He said, "Well, I will be happy to tell you the secret. We have had these cultures for a 100 years. I have it right with me and I will teach you how to make it." Well, what a breakthrough! We are so happy because according to Ayurveda, they are very good for something in the stomach. Everything is so good for you. We have all the good things. We believe in keeping healthy. We believe in not becoming ill. So, we are preparing our daikon pickles, which we grow right here. He will be back in 5 or 6 days to teach us this ancient mystery. We feel so blessed. We say, "Thank you. Merci. Nanri. Thank you, thank you, Shingon priest."

The Shingon Buddhist sect is very close to us. They worship Siva Nataraj and Lord Ganesha. In fact, we presented him with a beautiful Siva Nataraj, a beautiful shawl, a wonderful Ganesa. They were so happy to receive from the blending together on the beautiful Garden Island of Kauai, between the Hindus and Buddhists.

Today I am seeing you in cyberspace and I wanted to tell you three important words. Three important words, very important words. Courage, courage, courage! You need courage to face the kaliyuga. You need courage to face the working world. You need courage to face your family. You need courage to bring love through your family, love through the working place and love into the world itself. The world needs love, it is so lacking in love. You can give that love. You give love through a smile. You give love through a feeling. I am not telling you to go around hugging everybody. That is not love, not in the way that I am talking about love. I am talking about love in a way that is indescribable, imperceptible. But, it is there.You know it when it is there and you know the absence of it, when it is not forthcoming from someone.

You can give love. How do you do that? You do that by realizing and accepting the fact that all energy in your body comes from God, all energy in everybody's body comes from God. Those energies from you go into and awaken the divine energies in the people around you, through visualization of the color blue, through visualization of the color yellow, through visualization of the color pink. Visualize these colors and send out rays of colors to not only those you love, but those that need love. They will appreciate it. That is the sadhana for today.

I will be seeing you

in all our old familiar places

that this heart of ours embraces

all day through

in our hi-tech way

in our cyberspace cafe

on internet highways

I will always

be seeing you

and you will be seeing me

in every lovely summer's day

I will always think of you this way

And with Siva's moon

at noon

I will be seeing you

through cyberspace

and we will be together

I will find you

on the astral plane

and bring you to some

of our great Himalayan Academy schools there

where great rishis from long, long ago

are alive today,

imparting the Vedas in a live, live way.

So, we will be meeting. Have a wonderful day, today and tomorrow.