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Unfailing Law of Karma

We are here on Earth for a certain number of years. We are going to school. We are learning. We are maturing. Life itself matures us spiritually.

Unedited Transcript:

Here we are at Kauai Aadheenam. We are seeing each other again through cyberspace. Welcome! September 19, it is Saturday here. Welcome to Kauai Aadheenam.

Today was 'Guest Day'. We had 15-20 guests, 2 infants, on their very first outing and they came to the Siva Temple from far-off places. One was named Siva and the other Nataraja. Siva is a boy and Nataraja is a girl. The mother was asked, "Why Nataraja? That is a masculine name." She said, "Nataraja is a pure soul, neither masculine nor feminine" She wasn't a born-Hindu either, an ardha-Hindu, meaning half-Hindu.

We had a wonderful visit from Jay Robertson and a woman of vision, Dory, head of Kauai's 'Seven Steps Program'. They came here to discuss with us the October 10, 'Future Fair' and the Monastery's participation in it. We have prepared vision cards for everyone on the island, all 50000 of the island inhabitants will write their vision of the Island of Kauai as Kauains, for the next 20 years. Many thousands of dollars are being spent on this 'Future Fair' to stabilize the vision of Kauai, and to emphasize that we are all Kauains. We as a total group here, all 50000 of us, are working towards a unified vision, an island-wide vision. It is exciting.

Well, the mathavasis, the monks are installing all the new computers that were made available to us by a great Saivite supporter from Sri Lanka.

Swami Sachchidananda called to say, "Thank you to Gurudeva", that is me, for the beautiful book 'Lemurian Scrolls'. He complimented all the mathavasis on all the wonderful things that they are doing for the Hindu religion. He is one of our senior Swamis in the United States. We all touch his feet. He also talked to some of the young brahmacharis and gave them encouraging words on the telephone. We are very happy to receive his call.

Now, to you. Did you enjoy my song yesterday? 'I will be seeing you in all the familiar places'. Mainly, this familiar place, my screen to yours, in cyberspace, the new akasa. I don't know whether cyberspace is in the Vedas or not. The akasa certainly is a reality not only in science, but in Hindu metaphysics dating way back beyond recorded dates and times.

You are a wonderful person. I see you now in your etheric body, which is made of quanta of light, all shining out. I would like you to claim the knowledge as a reality to yourself that you are an etheric being, a soul that has much power. You have a physical body. That means you can function on the Earth. You have an astral body. That means you can function on the astral plane, in the antaraloka. You have a soul body. That means you can function in the brahmaloka, the sivaloka. You are complete this very moment.

Now you may be going through experiences that are uncomfortable and I know that many of you are. I have absorbed within myself many of your experiences through confession and I have given out prayaschitta. This is the time of the year when we give penance to devotees. Those experiences all have a lesson within them. It is like a school. We are here on Earth for a certain number of years. We are going to school. We are learning. We are maturing. Like grammar school, middle school, university, all mature us intellectually. But, life itself matures us spiritually.

Don't fight the experiences that you are going through. They are good for you. After all, you created them yourself by what you did in the past. So, hey, it is all coming back. You deserve what you get. Give garlands to those who give back to you, all the nastiness and hurtfulness that you gave out at a former time. If love is coming to you, appreciation is coming to you, the gratitude is coming to you then, you gave a lot of gratitude and appreciation out at a former time and you are just getting it back. Don't get all puffed up about it and strengthen the ego. Let it strengthen the soul by gaining the knowledge of the great and unfailing law of karma. It is unfailing and consistent like the law of gravity and any other laws of this galaxy and our planet.

I will be seeing you

in our familiar place

All the many races

and all familiar faces

Till tomorrow

I will be seeing you .....

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Understanding, loving and making allowances--these are the strengths of the soul awakened through sadhana, once the emotional ups and downs and the barriers of the instinctive influences of fear, jealousy, anger, deceit and disappointment are conquered.