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Realize Untarnished Perfection

Gurudeva tells us about the proper use of the computer and gives us a sadhana. Gurudeva reveals to us the nature of our soul which we may learn about on the inner path. Gurudeva explains that which comes from the soul.

Unedited Transcript:

Good morning! Here at Kauai Aadheenam, it is Tuesday, September 15. Another day, the second day after our retreat.

During our retreat, we don't turn our computers on. We just started that, because the computer demands so much time. It is so demanding that we forget about people. There should be some time, when we are not just sitting in front of the computer. A computer is like a typewriter. It is a tool to be used to produce, not for entertainment. A whole-family entertainment is watching the television. That is one good thing. Everybody in the family will be together, even though they don't talk together. But, a computer separates the family. Modern psychological study has shown us that people who are facing a computer all the time experience depression and loneliness. A computer cannot love you back, no matter what you love on the computer.

So, follow our example. Take two days a week. Don't watch anything on the computer for entertainment. Use it as a tool to get your work done, as a sadhana.

No ... I am not reading what I am going to say next. I did read 'Merging with Siva', Lesson 156. But, what I am going to say next is just for you, just between you and me, between us.

I just want to convince you that you are a beautiful soul living on planet Earth. Unfortunately, and we don't why it happened, we are living in a physical body and an astral body. We have tools of emotions and intellect to deal with, either to use or to be used by them. Get that new identity, get that new identity. Get that new identity that you are an untouched, untarnished, perfect soul, evolving on planet Earth. Free from taint, free from tarnish, your true nature is happiness. Your true nature is peace and infinite intelligence. This of course, you learn on an inner path after proper initiation in the tradition of our great Sanatana Dharma. But, you can realize right now that you are a soul, living in a physical body, having the use of an intellect, having the use of emotions, not being controlled by them.

So, don't be controlled by your computer. Don't be controlled by what you see on television. Don't be controlled by anything but, the direction that comes from your soul, that still small voice, that knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. It will never, never, ever fail you for it knows dharma, which is the great scriptures of our religion which came from the Vedas, the Upanishads, came from the souls of great people, came from Siva who created the souls of these great people.

You are also a great person and you can make a difference on this planet. Realize your true identity. It is not difficult. I am not asking the impossible. I am asking you to stand up, sit up, be free. Become a spiritual leader. Make others happy. Get your happiness from making others happy. Make others secure, by feeling secure yourself. We will talk more about this again tomorrow, as we have darshan together.