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Living with Siva, Spiritual Law

Today Gurudeva explains to us that we are wonderful persons and that we can do anything if we work within dharma. Gurudeva gives an informative talk today about dharma and Living with Siva. We can change today. Gurudeva will help us.

Unedited Transcript:

Well, here at Kauai Aadheenam, this is Monday, September 14. It is a very

good day. It is a creative work day, a siddhayoga day, a Kadavul Ardra

Abhishekam day and a family home evening, mooleamnea 5398564329321711 ....

whatever that may means! It is a wonderful day and we began today, 'Merging

with Siva'. After we have our darshan together, I am looking at you and you

are looking at me, go to the lesson of the day and we will see Day 155 of

'Merging with Siva'. I read it, just for you and we hope that we can

continue this, Siva permitting, Ganesa permitting, Lord Muruga permitting,

day after day after day after day.

Has it ever occurred to you that you are a wonderful person? Has it ever

occurred to you that you can do anything that you set your mind to,

providing that it is within dharma? You have the support of Gurus, Swamis,

Gods and Devas. You have that support, if you are working within dharma.

What is dharma? We published a little book called, 'Living with Siva'. If

you would like a copy, write to us for 'Living with Siva'. We will mail you

a copy, free of charge. We are putting a little button here, so that you can

put your name and address down and we will send you a copy of 'Living with

Siva'. It gives you Saiva dharma. This is the dharma that the Hindus of Sri

Lanka and India have practiced for hundreds of years. India has a strong

culture, a culture that built great temples, a peaceful culture.

When you are living in dharma, you can do momentous things. You will

surprise yourself with your achievements. When you are living outside of

dharma, you are bound by the past. You are bound by fears of the future. You

are bound by division. "Shall I do that? Shall I do this? Shall I not do

this? Shall I do something else?" Dharma is the law. It is the spiritual

law. Dharma is found in the Vedas. All through, the Vedas speak of dharma.

So, you are a wonderful person. The choice is yours. Live within the law,

God's law. Not outside of God's law and reap the consequences, which may not

be nice. If you are now living outside of God's law and reaping the

consequences, today you can change. You can change today. Today is the day

that you can change. Make up your mind, a firm decision. I will help you. I

am helping you, right now. Otherwise, our karmas would not be connecting at

this very moment, our darshans would not be. I am seeing you, you are seeing

me. Make up your mind to be strong. Be a leader. Lead yourself first, then

others will follow.

Aum Namasivaya! Aum Saravanabhava!

Aum Namasivaya! Aum Saravanabhava!

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The good-and-bad concept should be thrown out with a lot of other things, including the up-and-down concept. There is no good; there is no bad. You don't raise your consciousness, nor do you lower it.