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Improve Life, Exemplify

Gurudeva tells us today is the end of a phase according to our moon calendar followed by description of the purpose of retreat and worship of Lord Muruga at the end of the phase. Gurudeva explains how we can improve our life, how we base our knowledge and guide others through personal example.

Unedited Transcript:

September 11, it is Friday here on our Garden Island Ashram, Kauai Aadheenam. Today is the end of a phase, according to our moon calendar, comparable to the end of the week. Tomorrow and the next day, we have 2 retreat days, when the Aadheenam is closed to guests and we turn inward. Not that we are not turning inward all through the week, we are. Now, we turn inward to talk among ourselves, to summarize what we have done, to renew our vision of the future, our purpose, our plan, our persistence and where we put our energies.

All the members of Saiva Siddhanta Church, the students of Himalayan Academy, who are our sishya, come to Kauai Aadheenam, at the end of every phase, to attend a beautiful puja, a worship service to Lord Muruga. Each phase, a new Acharya takes a turn in giving an inspired talk. This time, it is Acharya Ceyonswami, who is speaking on numerology, and the mystic vedic calendar of 'Number 9'. We will show you this, very soon and try to explain it the very best that we can. It is also, almost unexplainable.

Since we are going on retreat, this will be and has been a quiet day. This evening, all the Acharyas will meet and discuss our worldwide, international teaching program, children's classes, youth retreats. We are holding a youth retreat in the country of Mauritius. Almost every month one is planned, from now on till next year. Fifty to over a hundred youth meet and learn of the divine teachings to improve their lives.

We are here on the planet to improve our lives. It is providential, it is within your karma that you are listening to Gurudeva today, talking with you to improve your life. I cannot improve your life, only you can improve your life. The Gods cannot improve your life. God Himself cannot improve your life. Only you can improve your life, by the use of your willpower, through invoking love through your heart, through awakening latent superconscious intelligence, that still, small voice, that all-seeing eye. Only you can do that. No one else can do it for you. But, we all can point the way.

The Gods and God can lovingly guide. The Gurus, the Swamis, spiritual leaders all can point the way. Some base their knowledge on scripture, which they memorize. Others base their knowledge on personal experience and others base their knowledge on realization. Personal experience is good to a point, because it teaches us what not to do. So, we guide others not to make the same mistakes that we have made. Scripture is wonderful. The codes of ethics are great, but rather dry and hard to follow, unless a personal example is there.

Therefore, those of you who are mothers and fathers, aunties and uncles, for the next generation to come up strong, be the example. Children learn through their eyes, more than their ears. Children learn through vibrations from the auras of the individuals around them, more than from what they are told. If you are angry with children, children will become angry with other children and their children, because that is the way they have learnt to behave. That is pushing humanity downhill.

We want to bring a New Age. A New Age on this Earth will come, with proper behavior within the home.

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Siva is the God of love and nothing else but love. He fills this universe with love. He fills you with love. Siva is fire. Siva is earth. Siva is air. Siva is water. Siva is ether.