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Experience, Teach Discrimination

Gurudeva describes his day and how he is working on the finishing touches of Merging with Siva. " Why did we come here" is a question answered by Gurudeva today. Experience, learning, improvement, and how we can do service to humankind bearing our karma cheerfully are all included.

Unedited Transcript:

Greetings, everyone! Here we are on Thursday, September 10. Up at 4:00 a.m., that is when I get up. Have a 8-hour day, till 12 noon. We have lunch, a nap and then, from 3 o'clock till 6, we are working on a reprint of 'Dancing with Siva'.

A wonderful professor, a very intelligent man, Professor Pillai wrote over 125 pages of very subtle corrections, one not-so-subtle. He said, "Earth has to be spelt with a capital E". That passed us right by. This has been a very great help. In the reprint, we are making many constructive, pragmatic adjustments. Not a lot of changes, not any in the original text, just honing it down into perfection. The eminent professor said, "We want Gurudeva's work to be perfect." Very kind of him. In fact, we finished 'Merging with Siva'. We've sent it to him, to go through very, very carefully before it is printed because changing pages, reprinting them after printing is very expensive. So, he is doing that for us and we are very, very grateful, Professor Pillai.

Well, I am looking at you. Oh, Janaka, how are you? Where is Bhavani? Bhavani and Indivar. So many out there and I see your faces, it is really wonderful. Cyberspace is like the astral plane.

Well, you saw my vibhuti, Holy Ash paintings, yesterday. We never did get around to the quinoa, millet and rice. But, perhaps later on today, I will do it and show you exactly what we are doing with these primitive designs. Rather than copying from books from India, we believe in bringing the wonderful village part of India to us, in our life here in our Hindu village at Kauai Aadheenam. So, we'll you show you that. But, in the meantime ... oh yes, Sadhunathan, you are doing such a wonderful job. We appreciate it, and everybody in San Diego.

In Malaysia, we have our Paramacharya Bodhinatha, number 1 successor, incumbent. We have 3 successors to our lineage - Paramacharya Bodhinatha, Acharya Palaniswami, Acharya Ceyonswami, in that order. We are not taking any chances. Paramacharya Bodhinatha is in Malaysia now, with our missionary Kulapati families, setting them up on a new program for rousing up a subscription program for 'Hinduism Today', even bigger there than it is right now. He is also teaching children's classes of our Saivite Hindu religion, children's course for 5 year-olds to 16. Nilakantha and Markandeya Sendan, are both with him. Yogi Tapodana, who is from Mauritius, has joined the group and will travel with them to India.

We want to talk about us, now. We are all on this Earth together. Sometimes, I wonder if we got the wrong address! That is supposed to be a joke ... laugh! I think sometimes you also, have wondered if you have got the right address. Why did we come here? Well, we came here to evolve our soul, to go through all kinds of experiences until we experience our way to understanding and getting the lesson out of each experience. It is the lesson from the experience that we want to pass on to the next generation, so that they don't have to go through inconvenient experiences, in their lives. Most of the time, they don't listen but, they hear. Hearing is different from listening. Often, we hear things that we don't want to acknowledge that we hear. But, plant the seeds in their mind. Tell them about your experiences and the lesson you have got out of your experiences, and let them be guided accordingly.

Some people teach us what to do. Other people teach us, by example, what not to do. To learn discrimination, viveka, is the greatest learning. Teach that to the next generation that follows you and you would have done a great service for humankind, on planet Earth. The animals are doing quite well. Reptiles, fish and birds are doing quite well. We have a lot of improving to do, we do. Let us do it. Do it now.

Look in the mirror. Look at your beautiful eyes and the light shining out of your eyes. I can see it through cyberspace. You are a beautiful soul, living in a physical body, going through experiences. You have put these experiences into motion for you to go through in many past lives, and some of them, you have started up, even in this life. So, bear your karma cheerfully, with a big smile. You should be like a sponge, and let it go through the other side. Don't fight your way through life. Life is too precious for that.

We will have darshan together tomorrow. I will be looking at you and you at me.