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Willpower and Change

Gurudeva tells us about the art he is working on for Merging with Siva, how the power of prayer has helped and a scanner has been obtained. Today Gurudeva gives us an affirmation to change our lives and obtain willpower and tells us about the language of meditation.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam. Welcome!

I am looking at you. You are looking at me. I am always reminded of the late Humphrey Bogart's, "I am looking at you, kid". We need to get a little bit modern, we live in a modern world. Hinduism is a modern religion. It is Hinduism 'Today' and you are looking at me, Gurudeva!

Well, it is Wednesday, September 9, here on the beautiful Garden Island of Kauai, a place where you should come one day.

Yesterday, I was working on an art project for the beautiful book 'Merging with Siva', 365 daily lessons. I was working on each of the background patterns between each chapter. I took vibhuti with water and put it on black paper. Tomorrow we are going to try some grains, rice, quinoa, various kinds of dals and see how that comes out. We'll show you a picture of that on 'Today at Kauai Aadheenam'.

Also, a beautiful thing happened yesterday. You will see pictures of a beautiful scanner which, to acquire a few years ago would have been a $100,000. This shows the power of prayer. The Swamis, Yogis and Sadhakas were praying to have the scanner because we have been sending to New York, all the artwork of 'Hinduism Today'. Our benefactor there, Vikram Patel, has been doing it, gratis, and sending it back, as a sadhana. But, a wonderful devotee and benefactor-patron in Lancaster, California, from Jaffna, Sri Lanka sent us this wonderful scanner which is now, only a few years later, $10,000 plus. How things change, how prices change! Are we on the way to a New Age? I think so. This opens the door for Vikram Patel to do so many other things to benefit 'Hinduism Today' and bring beautiful artwork into your home.

It was a quiet day, yesterday. Only one family from India came for darshan and to worship.

You have a strong willpower. You know that, I know that. You know how to use it. Here is a practical way, the power of affirmation. I will be what I will to be. I will do what I will to do. Say it with me, right now.

I will be what I will to be.

I will do what I will to do.

I have love in my heart. I love everyone.

I love all the people I don't like.

I like all the people that hurt me.

I appreciate all the people who give me back my karma that I set in motion in past lives.

Say that with me, right now. Write it down. Look in your mirror and say it to yourself, everyday for 30 days. You will begin to believe that in your subconscious mind. You subjective mind will begin to believe it and your life will change. Your willpower will come out. You will release yourself from so many binding feelings of distress, of hurt, of sorrow, of wishing things could be another way. You cannot change the past, but you can change the future with that positive affirmation.

Tomorrow, the next day and the next, we will give you some more affirmations for you to do. But, this is a very important one, because it came out of me, this very moment right to you through cyberspace.To me, it is the astral plane. Cyberspace is inner space, where our concept of time, space and mind does not relate. We are together. We are happy together. I am looking at you, kid. You are looking at me.

Today again, we are experiencing a beautiful meditation in the Kadavul Hindu Temple, a meditation in the Shum language and the Tyaef language, which is something that one day, maybe you will begin to learn. It is the language of meditation, where we talk ourselves into various inner areas of the mind and then, into the Self, beyond time, form and space and into Satchidananda, the essence of prana that pervades all forms throughout the Universe. We are exchanging that prana right now, through darshan, looking and looking, perceiving and perceiving.

Have a happy day. You have strong willpower. You can do what you plan to do. A purpose, a plan, persistence, push, puja and prayer - make all these P's a part of your life. Forget the past by dissolving it in love and get on with a wonderful future. Have a beautiful day. We are having one here.