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Exchange Love in Cyberspace

Swamiji Maharaj is 54 today. His beautiful talk from this morning can be heard here. Gurudeva has given him a mission to perform, to stop corporal punishment and to lift up persons in love. Gurudeva tells us how he sees through cyberspace and how by coming to the ashram through the computer screen we can break the barriers of time and space and receive darshan.

Unedited Transcript:

In our beautiful Garden Island of Kauai, our Island Temple is celebrating today, Thursday, September 3, Swami Sri Sri Sri Pragyananda Maharaj's 54th birthday. There are 108 rudraksha beads in a mala and he is half-way through his mala. He has a tremendous project going in India. To build up that project, he talks to thousands and thousands of people, travels around the world. He has been travelling 19 years, here and there and everywhere.

We have given him a mission to perform. To stop corporal punishment and to raise up the next generation in love. To work with the priests and trustees in temples, so that they work in harmony, one with another. One more mission, to honor the priests of our great religion and lift their status to the heights of engineers, doctors, the priests and ministers of other religions. They deserve it, for they invoke the Gods.

We are here in cyberspace, looking at you. You look really nice today. It is amazing what you can see through cyberspace, just like looking into the akasa, and now through your computer. Sometimes we see things we don't want to see. But, we know they are going to be corrected because we feel that coming to an Ashram everyday is a changing experience, has been for thousands of years in Hindu culture. Now through your computer screen, you can in your mind, break the barriers of time, break the barriers of space and come right here, pick up on the vibration that we generate and live in, every single day.

We will have darshan together tomorrow. Darshan works both ways. I have your darshan, looking at you and you have my darshan, looking at me. We are exchanging feelings of love, back and forth.

Aum Namasivaya.

Swami Pragyananda Maharaj gave a beautiful talk in the Kadavul Hindu Temple this morning, to a large group of devotees, swamis, sadhakas, and yogis. We would like, for him to share just a few words of that inspired lecture, to you today. We don't want to miss this rare opportunity to catch, for cyberspace, what he has to say.

Swami Pragyananda Maharaj : I met Gurudeva in 1981, in Kuala Lumpur. Since that day, I have the feeling that he is always with me. When he blessed me, he just hugged me and told me "I am with you". I was in stress in 1986, I was out. That time also I was here. That was a great challenge to me. I was alone like a Christ, that time. Everybody kicked me out. He knows the history. Palaniswami knows those days, that history. That time also he told me, "Don't worry. I am with you."

That day I thought that I am just like a lion. When the child is with his mother, even if a lion comes, he feels safe. So, when the mother is with me, the father is with me, my Guru is with me, then no one can touch me. Since that day I feel that no one can harm me, no one can touch me, because the blessings of Gurudeva is with me.

Thank you very much, all of you who are here. Gurudeva has blessed me and you are here to convey your best wishes for the long life of not my body, but my life-long project. That project is essential, body is the medium. I want the blessings for my project. Here he has already blessed me for my project. The project is essential, body is immaterial. If this project will remain, I will remain, and Gurudeva's blessings will remain. If project is no more, then I am no more. So, your blessing is with me. Thank you very much.

Aum Namasivaya. Aum Namasivaya. Aum Namasivaya.

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