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Live as Pure Souls

Gurudeva tells us today about affectionate detachment, and how we should avoid getting down into the lower consciousness where persons think they are their physical bodies instead we may live as a pure soul, untouched and untarnished.

Unedited Transcript:

September 2, everyone, here on this beautiful Garden Island of Kauai, home of our island temple.

As I mentioned yesterday, Swami Pragyanand Maharaj arrived today. All the younger Mathavasis washed his feet, as he entered the Kadavul Hindu Temple. He worshipped, was seated and gave a beautiful talk, on 'The Power of Faith'. He commended them for being mathavasis in our Aadheenam, which is the South Indian word for ashram. He told them how fortunate they were. This inspired each and every one. Then, 'Hinduism Today' created a home page for Sri Sri Sri Swamiji and this home page is on the internet. If you look at and then go to spiritual leaders, you will find Swami Pragyanand Maharaj and click there, you will see him. This is really wonderful.

Well, yesterday, we talked about liking everyone equally, because God is in everyone equally. Looking out through cyberspace, we have nearly 200 of you, and it is building, growing everyday. We have a counter on Today at Kauai Aadheenam. I found that 30 or 40 of you actually took that seriously and are benefitting. Looking out through cyberspace on the astral plane, seeing your soul and seeing you respond to treating everyone alike, having no likes and dislikes, being affectionately detached, with a lot of love in your heart, accepting everyone as they are, not wanting or trying to change them, not asking unanswerable questions such as, "Why didn't he say that to me? Why did he say that to me? What is he thinking?"

Are you a mind-reader? Why are you asking, "What is he thinking?" Let him think and say, let her think and say, what they think and say. Pay no attention. Be bigger than all that because your soul is greater than all that. Don't get down into the mish-mash of the lower consciousness where the rest of the world is at this time of the Kali Yuga. Be a New Age leader. Be higher than the masses. Your soul is higher than the masses, who don't know that they are a divine soul, that they are living in a physical body. They think they are their intellectual mind. They put down others in order to rise up. You are greater than that and I notice that a lot of you have taken this advice and put it into action in your own life. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! I am proud of you.

Soon we will have 300, as they call it, hits on the Internet and then four and then five and it is an ever-growing situation. We will keep you in touch with 'Today at Kauai Aadheenam'. Live in the Ashram with us as a pure soul, untouched, untarnished by anything. Shining light, that is who you are!

Aum Namah Sivaya!

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Give yourself in to the real you. Turn your mind inward. Turn your will inward and live that glorious spiritual life and be ready as a spiritual being to meet the experience of death.