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Experience, Lessons and Strength

Guest day at Kauai Aadheenam. Gurudeva talks about the silphis carving the stones for the Iraivan temple. Gurudeva talks about Shri Shri Trichyswami. The temple site is described and the daily work. We are strong happy persons. Making others happy we make ourselves happy. Smiles can wipe away tears. Gurudeva talks about the lessons gained from experiences. Take the cream, the ghee out of the experience. Follow our dharma.

Unedited Transcript:

August 28th, and greeting you in cyberspace! Well, this is the last day of our phase on our moon calendar and it is our guest day. We usually have 20, 30 guests here, at Kauai Aadheenam. Wonderful people, who call in on our telephone system and find out what to wear and how to find us and our mysterious temple-ashram.

We want to say, "Have a good day, Jiva and all the silpis that are working on the Iraivan temple, in Bangalore. You are wonderful people, carving away day after day, year after year on this beautiful temple."

The temple site was given to us to use for a number of years by Sri Sri Sri Balagangadharanathaswami. That is a very long name and he is a very powerful swami in that area. He has established well over a hundred and fifty centers for social service, for religious activities, including a hospital, training center, medical school, engineering college.

The temple project is being guided by Sri Sri Sri Tiruchiswamigal, who has a beautiful Rajarajeshwari temple close by.

All the silpis, under Jiva's spiritual guidance, come for puja every morning before they begin their work and every evening they have bhajan. It is a wonderful, happy group. He with his wife and two sons, and of course, Chidambaram and our Ganapati Sthapati, the main architect, manage the temple site of over 75 carvers, just like an ashram.

We are very happy that so many of you have communicated with us that you had difficulty in finding my voice on the world wide web, on the internet. We have made an adjustment, so now it is very, very easy.

You are a strong person.You are a happy person.You are a person that makes your happiness for yourself because you make others happy. That is real happiness, making others happy you become happy. Even if you are sad, make somebody else happy. Get a smile on their face. That smile can wipe away their tears and your tears too if you have them.

We are here on this planet going through life, a series of experiences one after another. It is not the experience, but the lesson that we gain from the experience that really, really counts. It is the lesson that we gain from the experience that really, really counts. So take the cream, take the ghee out of the experience, whatever it may be and memorize the lesson. Then be guided accordingly, because that is your dharma.

Aum Namasivaya.

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If difficult things are happening to you and your mind is disturbed because of them and you have mental arguments within you because you can't accept your own karma, go to the feet of Lord Siva in your mind.