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Ethical Treatment of Animals and Children

Gurudeva talks about the ethical treatment of animals. Gurudeva tells a beautiful story about how just born little cow got lost but was found by a monk lead by a cat. Gurudeva has been asked to write about the Hindu point of view on the treatment of animals. Gurudeva then speaks about the abusive treatment of many of the world's children. He mentions asuras living in such homes where children are abused. Gurudeva invites input from listeners. Peace and harmony begins in the home.

Unedited Transcript:

August 20. Another wonderful day. You saw our beautiful little cow that was born. On the same day, we received a letter from the 'People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals', one of America's foremost Institutions. An aggressive ministry, this institution totally exists so that we treat animals properly.

Well, the little cow got lost and the entire Aadheenam was out looking for the cow. Who found the cow? A cat! One of the mathavasis, our monk, from Malaysia decided that the cat would know where the cow was. So, he picked up the cat and started walking around. The cat smelled the cow and jumped out of his arms and he found the cow. That was not a very easy thing to do, because we were walking around 51 acres. Anyway, the cow that ran away and got lost, shortly after birth, was found.

Now, we have been asked to write on the Hindu point of view on the ethical treatment of animals. That is a big job because, even now in Hindu temples, animal sacrifice is taking place. I just don't know what I am going to write. I hope that you will write to 'Hinduism Today', The Editor, and give some suggestions on the Hindu point of view, about what we could say.

I also think there should be a big organization in America, and maybe there is, for the ethical treatment of children. Children are being abused in many, many homes throughout our country. Many, many Hindu homes also beat, hurt, pinch, slap, take their aggressive stress out on their children. The asuras live in many homes. Asuras are like devils, you know, rather than angels or guardian devas living in the home.

Anyway, all that aside, we want you to have a wonderful day. These are my concerns. But, I thought I would share it with you today, because of the coincidence of the cow and the letter from the coalition to treat animals properly. Give it some thought. Let us hear from you. We need voices and you will see your voice here, on the worldwide web, in cyberspace. If you want it to be confidential, just write 'Confidential'. We will take the information and use it. We do need your help. We want to preserve animals, children and wives. We want happy homes. This is very important for us.

A new age is just breaking and coming into being. But, peace, harmony and well-being begins in the home. We need your voice and we need it today.

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