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Being in Siva Consciousness

Mahasivaratri Upadesh 1989

Siva is very accessible, everywhere. But the barrier is ignorance, forgetfulness. There are great truths throughout the entire universe, these great truths lie in your own superconscious mind, waiting to be used. See God Siva everywhere as all pervasive energy. Bliss consciousness, Siva consciousness. A story: "Why didn't you let Siva take you?" Everywhere a guru goes becomes his ashram. Leave the lower nature, look at Siva and don't see anything else. Siva is love and love is Siva. Find out how wonderful you really are. You'll become the knower of the known, the seer or the unseen, the embodiment of the Truth. Worshiping Siva with Himself, all the elements. Be in Siva consciousness.

Unedited Transcript:

What a wonderful thing, wonderful thing about Lord Siva is that He's very accessible. He's everywhere. And this is the Eternal Truth, it never changes. You'll hear talked about two thousand years ago and we're reminding everybody two thousand years later. And two thousand years from now everybody will be saying the same thing. Maybe one of you. Siva is everywhere.

But we have to get that into our subconscious mind. Subconscious mind is the pretty gross stand of the mind, it's not very smart, it just remembers things. It gets impressed and it holds impressions and those impressions manifest all kinds of things in our lives. It's the grid work we build our lives around. It's not really us because the soul [little self unfolded, being alive and it's perfect; it's superconscious. Subconscious comes along with our physical body and our astral body living in this material world. Therefore, we have to impress deeply these divine truths into the subconscious mind. Of course, it's very easy for these little children here like Mira and Jothi and Nathan because they don't know anything else except these divine truths, they've never been taught anything else. It's all they know. That Siva's everywhere.

So that's very easy, they're getting off to a very very good start. For all of us we have impressions in our subconscious mind. Otherwise that there's a lot of bad in the world and every thing's not in it's right place, there's a lot of adjustments etcetera etcetera.

Then it's hard to see Siva act everywhere. When we see Him some places but not in other places. And sometimes we've got to get a magnifying glass trying to find Siva in certain unjust situations. Makes Siva kind of unbelievable.

Nevertheless, truth is, Siva is everywhere. Any place that you go, won't be able to be without Siva because everything is energies. And energy is Siva. Siva is the energy within energy. The intelligence within intelligence. The force that makes your heart beat. Now that is pretty simple isn't it? Isn't that simple? It's just so simple, hard to believe.

When you're seeing Siva in another person you're seeing their energy. You say it's the energy in you, and the energy in you, and the energy in you. The light within your eyes and the light within yours and yours and yours, that's Siva. Then you're not seeing physical body and it bounces right back to you. You're not seeing the mind of the person, you're not involved in their emotions you're just seeing God in the person. God is energy and energy is structure and so far is that. But, big barrier is ignorance. Ig-nor-ance. An ability to ignore or to forget these divine truths. We all have that ability. In fact they're finely tuned. We've practiced that one. More than we've practiced all the other better qualities. Practicing ignorance. Forgetfulness.

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Therefore, there are several things we have to do in order to bring these Divine Truths into our daily life. Surround ourselves with people who are thinking the same way. Very important! Study a little bit every day. Just a little bit every day. Five minutes in the morning will do to get your day off to a good start. Some kind of scriptural reading every day that re-emphasizes some of these wonderful truths of the universe.

I might say now: "What if those people living on other planets, about space people and space crafts? Would these truths apply to them?"

Of course they do. Whether they know these truths or not, well we don't know cause we can't talk to them. But we assume that they do cause we do, so they should, maybe they're smarter than we are. Maybe they know them better. Cause they're the same truths throughout the entire universe.

Now how were they discovered these great truths? People went into themselves, sat down, went in and in and in, and in and in and in, and in and in and in some more. Until they arrived at the core of their own reality. First when you sit for meditation you go in and in and in and you reach an ache or a pain in your body. And that makes you go out and out and out. And then you conquer that finally when you go out in meditation. And you go in and in and in and you meet somebody in your own mind. And you meet somebody in your subconscious mind that has effected you emotionally either in a positive way or a negative way. Then you take some time off to think about that and then you go out and out and out. Conquer that one; you go in and in and in and in again. You begin asking yourself questions which you don't have answers for. You get into the reasoning mind and you start doubting, then you go out and out and out again. Have yourself these great beings so in then four, five thousand years must know what they're talking about. So I'll just have to take their word for it. You go in and in again, past the reasoning mind, and you get into your own superconscious mind and your own inner intelligence reinforces the same truths that your intellectual mind is struggling with and your subconscious mind is working out by wanting to accept it. Your own superconscious mind where all these truths lie, all this great wisdom and knowledge lies. Big trouble is most people don't get into their own superconscious mind, it's just there, waiting to be used.

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Psychic! Psychic means soul mind, superconscious mind, your psychic, your soul. Everybody's psychic. People don't use their psychic ability. Once they start using their psychic ability or being sensitive to that which they cannot see with their physical eyes, they cannot see with their intellectual eyes, they cannot see with their emotional eyes. See with the third eye. Then, they become the seer, the rishi, the jnani, the same caliber person that wrote, wrote these beautiful things that Palaniswami was reading about. Through their own personal experience. These wonderful eternal truths, religion, Sanatana Dharma, which has come to be known as Hinduism, will never ever go away. Because, can burn all the books, kill all the rishis and the holy men, and the seers and so forth, and could tear down all the temples that would pop up again in the very same way, of people that found truth inside themselves. And then endeavor to pass it over to others.

Everyone wants to have a God experience. Any time you ever wanted to see God, see God as energy. God Siva's everywhere. When you are seeing a flower growing, seeing energy in action. When you see a wave on the ocean you're seeing energy in action. It's not in the stars. The leaf on the tree, the tree itself. That's all energy in action. A tree growing, a chicken, a cow, a goat; energy is there. That is all Siva. All pervasive energy.

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Where's that coming from? It's coming out of the timeless, causeless, spaceless everything. Or nothing. Fullness of everything, timeless, formless, spaceless. It can't even be conceived of with your own Superconscious mind. Your own intuition cannot handle the absolute being of Siva which is also the absolute being of you.

So there's plenty of room on the mountaintop. This is the mountain top. Very crowded in the valley. This is the valley. This is where we get emotionally bounced around on the waves of life, by other people, bounce other people around also. Get up to the mountain top, not many people are there. And it's either aloneness or fullness. Either one or the other. Aloneness or fullness. That's called bliss consciousness or Siva consciousness. One and the same.

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Many people go to India to try to find God. They find Him everywhere. India's kind of a place that this whole eternal truth consciousness is just in the air. Everybody sort of knows it and sort of doesn't know it also. You don't learn it intellectually in India but it's the way things are there. Then they come back here and they see God everywhere here too. Cause God was here, everywhere, here before they left for India. Or maybe he just came back with them. Imported from India.

So there's a lot of things that gets in the way of all of this. Our humanness! And while we've been granted in this life for in earlier years for us to experience in later years. And burning out there or maybe it's just going out.

Reminds me of some... we took a large group of people to India and we were in the temple. And one young man, no one to this day knows how it happened, but he wasn't near a candle or anything, at least we didn't think he was. His shawl got on fire and naturally he started beating it out. Everybody else went jumping off with him. And three and four old men came up with their eyes big like that.

And they said: "Why didn't you let Siva take you?"

See the consciousness? They didn't know any of these western things that, that was supposed to be not something that we're supposed to do every day. And: Oh, oh Siva came to take him and missed that opportunity you know. That really impressed my mind you know that that's their voyage of India and it'll always be like that.

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And this place here is kind of like India. You know it was a hotel. It still is in a way except we have unseen guests that come and they stay a long time, we turned it into a condo. They all live all around in here. And but when it was a hotel this room holds a restaurant. The best one on the island of Kauai this place with the only wine cellar on Kauai. All the wealthy people from the mainland used to come and stay here. Then Coco Palms came up and they all went to stay at Coco Palms. And then we bought the place. And we turned it into what we have today. Where that just came out of our self. Out of consciousness. Not out of the architecture. Architecture's the same, a few add-ons. Came out of consciousness.

Many people say: Gee you know, if I could only just not be in the world. Can just be in a place like this forever.

When I go down to Lihue, go down to Lihue we're the same people. And if we were there long enough we'd turn it into a place like this. Yeah! Cause everywhere a guru goes becomes his ashram. We'd turn it into a place like this. If I going to a Hindu home, custom is, it becomes my home, my ashram for as long as I'm there. And the whole family becomes the servants to all the devotees that come. And it takes on a vibration just like this because that's who I am.

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Well I've tried very hard not to be the way I am. It didn't work. I'm just doing what I'm doing because that's the way I am. Therefore, what is out of the world? What is this out in the world? The world is fear, loss of control and anger, jealousy, resentment and things of the lower nature. Now if we can just come into the temple you forget all of those things. They just go away. You just forget them. Suppose that you didn't have them? You'd be who you were wherever you were. There wouldn't be an outside world and an inside world. Well we don't get rid of all those things; we don't have to psychoanalyze the lower nature. That's not necessary because the lower nature's always going to be the lower nature. Always going to be a place where your individual awareness can go to experience the feeling: jealousy and hatred and resentment and anger and fear, and all of those things of the lower nature. All you've got to do is leave it. That's all, just leave it. Get on that Lear jet and take off into the higher nature. And one sure and easy way to do that is just to get into your subconscious mind that Siva's everywhere and look at Siva and don't see anything else. You should be aware of other things but you're seeing Siva.

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That's kind of like love isn't it? They say love is blind. They say: Well why does love hurt? She's such a so and so. You know you should look a little deeper and see who she really is. Well love is blind; we can't see that. Maybe she is who you really think she is. Well you have to experience that later on down the path of life. Of you seeing God in that person. You're seeing Siva in that person. That's why we say: Siva is love and love is Siva. Siva is love and love is Siva. And energy is love and love is energy. One and the same.

So that's real easy. You don't have to be a great intellectual to learn that. You don't have to be a great yogi to learn that. You don't even have to have a lot of self control to learn that. You just have to keep reminding yourself. As at the worst times when things look very dark, that every thing's okay. Go pick up the phone and call 822-SIVA. And get a little boost. Find out how wonderful you really are.

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In doing so after a period of time, you work with this sadhana, this practice just like learning a musical instrument. After a period of time, odds are, you are going to get better, and better, and better and better. The one day you'll look in, and there'll be no outside world or inside world. You'll just be your divine self wherever you are. And then you'll be saying the same thing I'm saying. Passing the truth out to another.

People in the world have a habit of making things so difficult for themselves, so hard, you know. This wonderful Saiva Religion makes things so easy. Through understanding. And you can carry it wherever you go. You become the book. True book's on the inside, just the trick is to find out how to turn the pages. And getting the right perspective, the right slant on life, those pages just automatically turn and you'll become the knower of the known. You'll become the seer of the unseen. And you'll become the embodiment of the Truth that everybody else is seeking and trying to find.

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Anyway, so how about the little old me, how am I ever going to do that? You know? So try. You might surprise yourself. You've come far enough along to path to hear about it, now try. And there's always a point where when you start to succeed. Hey, find Siva in that person, what that person says to me, is thinking about me and I succeeded. I seeing a little bit of energy there. I've been able to bisect or separate the energy from the person in what I've heard is being said. I am succeeding on the spiritual path by remaining in the higher nature and not getting pulled down to the lower nature by that person. More people today are able to pull me down than lift me up. And that's real good because that's the challenge on the path.

And therefore:

Key one: Surround ourselves with good company,

Key two: Remind ourselves every day of these eternal truths because we're educating the subconscious mind, we're remolding it and you're a getting a brand new image of yourself.

From the scriptural reading see what Palaniswami said?

Said: "Siva is all the Jiva's"

Jiva means embodied soul. So you're all jiva's, embodied souls, and Siva is in each one of you. Now he said that two-thousand years ago. And others have said it since. So we've got to take their word for it and put it into action in our daily life.

So the rest of the evening trying to see Siva in each one. You catch the eye of somebody you thought: Siva's light's there. You see the flame, that's Siva's energy there. See the big crystal there. That's Siva's energy. You hear the voice of the monks as they chant, that's Siva's energy. Look around you everywhere in the air, that's Siva's energy. The reason why they put the incense up is because worshiping Siva with the air, you'd see Siva too, But you can't see air. So they burn incense so you can see the smoke in the air and that makes you see the air. Then afterwards they worship Siva with fire. Earth, air, fire, water, all the elements worshiping Siva with Himself because all the elements are Siva also.

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And finally this gets into our mind so deeply that you can't take it out of your mind. Just like you can plant a tree, go back in five years you can't take that tree out. You can't pull it up again. You know. It's roots are so deep. So it's not an easy path. You don't try too hard it's a difficult path. If you try hard then you catch just the knack, it's an easy path and you just progress very rapidly in it's one basic law. Siva is the air, Siva is the wind, Siva is the ocean wave, Siva is everywhere where you see energy. And where do you not see energy? No place, everywhere, here and there and everywhere. That's Siva consciousness. Therefore, if you look at energy, which is Siva, long enough, then you're in bliss consciousness. Even while you're washing the dishes or sweeping the floor or fixing a flat tire. You can be in Siva consciousness. It's cause the window you're looking out of. That's the important point.You've lifted yourself up to a new window, you look out of that new window into a bright new wonderful world in which you see everything happening in the proper order, in the right way, at every moment of every year, of every month, every week, every hour, every minute and every second.

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Aum Namah Sivaya! Let's all say Aum Namah Sivaya.

Aum Namah Sivaya, Aum Namah Sivaya, Aum Namah Sivaya. Aum!

Now we return to the temple and worship Siva form another way. Now everybody, Siva's in the temple now. In the temple.

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