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Mambashum 6, Simshumbisi, Purified Intellect, Free Flowing


The Sixth Mambashum-Simshumbisii is the home of Lord Skanda. Here namutana, the first inner light is experienced. Becoming karehana. Simply seek for the full being of simshumbisi. The experience and realization of the Self - imkaif. Simshumbisi, kaif, imkaif is the path we are on in this shumnuhm'.

Unedited Transcript:

Good morning everyone.

This morning we're focusing on Gurudeva's Mambashum Number 6. Starting with a few short definitions:

Simshumbisi is feeling the actinic energy within the spine.

Karehana is the current, pink in color, that flows downward, ending on the left side of the body.

Vumtyeudi is the current, blue in color, that flows upward, ending on the right side of the body.

Then we have Gurudeva's commentary on the Sixth Mambashum.


"You have read much in Saivite Hindu philosophy about the purified intellect, the intellect devoid of negative samskaras--energy channels within the brain which lead awareness into a multitude of diversions. The portrait vumtyeudi names the purified intellect, free-flowing, sub-superconscious. Sub-Second world, fourth dimension of the mind. The purified intellect is a result of sadhana well-performed and should come easily to you.

"Karehana is the name of the purified flow of emotion, unselfish giving, unattached love and caring for others. Karehana force and true vumtyeudi force -- purified intellect, unfettered by suppressions or repressions, delusions or subconscious ill-feelings lay the foundation most necessary for deeper meditation.

"You will notice that karehana rests alone within this mambashum; whereas vumtyeudi is attached to simshumbisi. The totality of superconsciousness resides within the action of simshumbisi, the home of Lord Skanda.

"In this Simshumbisi Mambashum we can clearly see that karehana is the key to not only attaining the purified intellect of vumtyeudi, but to actually being simshumbisi. Here namutana (first inner light experience) is experienced, niimf begins to flow in insaf and kaif and imkaif are the result. For karehana to become you, or for you to become the state that this portrait names, your emotional actions in the Sub-Second world while asleep at night must be irreproachable.

"Your physical body should be made as supple as a willow branch through the daily, twice daily, or thrice daily performance of banasana (hatha yoga). Kalibasa and much nikashum uu shumnuhm' are the greatest of aids in becoming karehana, that deva-like state, that celestial Second-World state that each Saivite works to attain. For how is it possible to attain to vumtyeudi, that crystal-clear intellect, while holding onto emotional conflicts of the past, the feelings of rehsika (a disturbance between people) and simrehvi (a parting of friendship). Even during vigil and shumnuhm', niimf will flow out or the siimf contained area of awareness while meditating on the mambashum of the day. (Siimf will be explained a little later on.)

"Again, it is through the transmuted force from rehnamtyevum to rehmtyenali, once rehmtyenali is stimulated, that the iamnia (personality) becomes deva-like, and the state of karehana is reached. The meditator then is well on his way to vumtyeudi and the full-time experience of simshumbisi this mambashum relates.

"It is possible to experience namutana and then drop out of that state to karehana and vumtyeudi, or become clouded by forces of the dharma by not living a balanced life, or by picking up the emotions of others and feeling them as your own. Do not try to experience namutana a second time to re-acquire the clarity you once had. Simply seek for the full being of simshumbisi. Therefore, simshumbisi is the keynote, not only to free-flowing awareness being maintained, but also for the inner light in the head to shine twenty-four hours a day and for awareness to hover in insaf within the mambashum, held steady by purified intellect and emotion--the result of sadhana well performed.

"Karehana is likened to the ida force, and vumtyeudi to the pingala force. When these two pranas are purified of sikamchacha, rehsika and simrehvi, then the sushumna force, simshumbisi, is felt and lived in. Namutana is the first awakening of the kundalini force, ausisium, which when lifted into kamakadiisareh kamshumalinga (the sahasrara chakra), imkaif (the Self) is experienced and, after the experienced, realized. It is the type of experience that only after it has occurred does one realize it did occur. Such is the experience of the Self..."

Let me comment on that, that's an interesting idea. The example I use to illustrate is: If two people are standing next to a pond of water and they're playing a game of skipping rocks. So one has his back to the water and is far enough away that he can't hear if the rock is thrown or not. The other one either throws the rock or doesn't throw the rock. So then the person who wasn't looking turns around. How does he know if the rock was thrown? It there's ripples on the water, right? If there's no ripples on the water the rock wasn't thrown. So, by what happened afterwards you can determine if something happened or not. So if the rock is thrown there will be ripples; if the rock is not thrown there won't be any ripples. So that's the idea. That, read it again with that in mind.

"...It is the type of experience that only after it has occurred does one realize it did occur. Such is the experience of Self.

"Let us now look at the collage siimf which stands alone from the steps of the meditation. Siimf represents the purified state of emotion and intellect. When awareness is lodged in a mambashum, only flowing in the prescribed areas, niimf is in a siimf condition. (So it's restricted to a certain area, certain mental area, siimf.) Siimf is a powerful mental state to be in, there is a certain feeling at times of being pressured or burdened or restricted. When this feeling occurs, you then know that you have moved from a nyafsam state--restriction without a sense of being burdened--to the siimf state--restriction with a sense of being burdened. This feeling of restricted awareness results from impure emotion and intellect. When you feel this way, know that you are not in simshumbisi--as mambashum six indicates we should be--having attained to karehana and vumtyeudi, purified emotion and intellect.

"Simshumbisi, kaif, imkaif is the path we are on, as indicated in this mambashum. But until karehana and vumtyeudi have been attained, simshumbisi will not be felt strongly enough as a total experience to produce namutana. It is after namutana that the light in the head marks the path clearly day and night, and siimf becomes a happy state, free from the pulls of the First World. Then kaif can be experienced for long periods of time, long enough perhaps, that imkaif can be realized.

"Continue your meditation for the next half hour in the siimf that this mambashum outlines, remembering as much as you can of what you have been reading about. Each time niimf flows out of the siimf of this meditation into other portraits, monograms, collages or sikamchacha, on the in-breath gently pull it back into the siimf condition of the mambashum. Of course, all of these mambashum are siimf areas, for shumnuhm' itself is a siimf condition, and the mambashum is the 'square' that holds niimf, flowing awareness, within it. Therefore, the sadhana of shumnuhm' is to control niimf, through kalibasa, for breath, awareness and willpower are all one and the same. This is why we perform nadi sodhana pranayama prior to meditation upon the mambashum"

It's the cross-breathing and it's done first because once you start the mambashum you don't move. So if you want to do nadi sodhana you do it before you start.

"This is why we perform nadi sodhana pranayama prior to meditation upon the mambashum. Therefore, when niimf flows out of the mambashum, bring it back on the in-breath. If niimf is unruly and continues to move out of the siimf, then after the in-breath, hold the breath. It is difficult for niimf to move when the breath is held. Niimf then becomes m'mimf, a state of awareness that remains stationary and focused. Study this out for yourself by reading this paragraph over several times and then practicing diligently the control of niimf through the control of breath through the use of your will. This is the practice to be performed within this mambashum."

Have a wonderful day.