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Focuses for a Malaysia/Singapore Trip

Bodhinatha discusses his focuses for a nine-day trip to Malaysia and Singapore. In his satsangs, the focus will be on members completing the Maha Vasana Daha Tantra as well as the annual Vasana Daha Tantra, in all six parts. He will be speaking at a Ganesha Temple, delivering a talk titled "My Friend, Lord Ganesha," which will encourage devotees to view Lord Ganesha as a real being that we can be very close to.

Unedited Transcript:

Tomorrow Arumugaswami and I are leaving for Singapore and Malaysia for a trip of nine days, which includes three satsangs. We have a satsang with Singapore Mission and one with Malaysia members in Klang and then a small one in Sungai Petani for those of you in the North.

In all of those, we will be stressing the Vasana Daha Tantra, finishing up the Maha Vasana Daha Tantra for those who haven't. We have some members who have stalled, shall we say, midway. As well as, we have some new members who have not even started. So we will be encouraging all of them to work on that this year. As well as, everyone can do the Vasana Daha Tantra, the annual one in all six parts for last year. Particularly with Gurudeva's passing, it is a year that is very important to write down in detail and clear that all out of the subconscious mind.

We are also speaking at the evening cultural event for Iraivan Day, which is a big display of all the facets of Iraivan Temple, in downtown Kuala Lumpur. We are speaking at a Ganesha Temple in Penang. The talk there is a simple one called, 'My Friend, Lord Ganesha', portraying Lord Ganesha as a real Being who we can become quite close to.

Also, we have a seminar for the young adults who are all enthusiastic about teaching the Master Course. They have a Master Course seminar program there. So all the teachers, some fifteen or twenty of them will be gathering for morning seminar and they have got a long list of questions about how to present different subjects from 'Merging with Siva'. So that will be very interesting.

Then, you could call it the Main Event, the Hindu Renaissance II, the second rally on Hindu Renaissance organized by the Malaysia Hindu Sangam. The first one was in last November and was a Tamil language event. This one is the English language event and we are honored to be one of the key speakers. The event is from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and our talk is 8:40 a.m. to 9:10 a.m. A good time slot there for Hindu Renaissance.