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Nartana Ritau

Saiva Dharma Shastras talks about the Nartana Ritau and says it is a period of creation. It's key word is planning, it's teaching is Dancing with Siva. We should update our 6-year plan which gives life an updated direction. Look at last year's goals and see if anything needs to be changed.

Unedited Transcript:

Giving some thought to the Nartana Ritau today and looking at some of the statements that Gurudeva made about it in the Saiva Dharma Shastras, I thought I would share those. We are about two weeks into the Nartana Ritau, three and a half months left.

"Nartana Ritau, the season of Dancing with Siva, begins on Hindu New Year. This is the period of creation." That is important, creation. "The warm season from mid April through mid August. Teaching is Dancing with Siva. Keyword of this season is planning." Skipping the color. "The emphasis is on seeing ahead, planning for future years. It is a time of planning retreats and other activities for youth and adults for the entire year. During this time of looking forward, the Church's six year plan is updated by the stewards and another year added."

So we are supposed to update our plan here. Has everyone planned ahead six years? How is your six year plan? A good amount of time to be planned ahead. The reason I read that was to catalyze us to those two thoughts, that it is a creative time a year and it is a good time for planning. It must be the astrology and the sun signs. The sun signs we are going through starting with Aries, is a good time to plan and be creative.

One of the reasons we can run out of inspiration in our life, is we don't plan far enough ahead. We ran out of plans. We did everything we figured out we wanted to do and we haven't created anything new to do. We have run out of plans but we don't necessarily realize that we have run out of plans. We are just going along doing our day to day routines. Coming to the Sun One Homa, doing our daily puja. Everything is great, but we don't have any plan.

So it is a good time to pull out our plans wherever they are - in our computer, in our drawer, diaries - and to look them over and to update them and as Gurudeva says, to extend them another year.

We always want to be planned ahead. If six years is too much, at least go three. Sometimes our life, we don't think it is stable enough or determined enough to go six years out. "What will I be doing six years from now? I have no idea!" But it is easy to go three and it is a worthwhile practice. It gives our life updated direction, shall we say. It gives us a chance to look at the goals we created last time. Goals for retirement, goals for career, goals for career advancement, goals for our children's schooling. See if they are on track, see if they need to be changed.

Gurudeva was a great planner and encouraged everyone to plan ahead and felt it was important not only to plan but to update the plan.

So we can do that, our stewards can do that at their level. The Kulams can look at their six year plan. Pilliyar Kulam, do we need to update it? How is the six year plan in the Lambodara Kulam?

Give that some thought.