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Communicating with a Departed Guru

Drawing from the lesson of the day, we can send messages to departed loved ones in the inner worlds. Gurudeva said that chelas (close initiated disciples) communicate with their departed gurus in this way. Gurudeva stressed that the satguru has an obligation "to help his chelas attain their highest potential in this lifetime," even after his departure from the physical plane.

Unedited Transcript:

It is very interesting, the 'Lesson of the Day'. You think you know what is in the Master Course Trilogy, then you find something you didn't remember was there or you find something and it looks totally different! That is what happened to me this morning. Messages to loved ones. This is burning prayers, kind of messages.

"You may be wondering if you can send written prayers in tyief to loved ones who have passed on to the inner world. The answer is, "Yes, you can." Your guardian devas will hand the prayer to the loved ones, relatives or close friends. They can be communicated with through such prayers.

Souls who have attained mukti, freedom from rebirth but who are not yet ready to enter into higher planes where they will no longer be involved with or communicate with those in earth consciousness because they have not yet finished helping their devotees to attain their highest potential in this lifetime, will also receive friendly messages from their loved ones on earth. Many chelas communicate with their departed Gurus in this way."

I didn't remember that was there. Many chelas communicate with their departed Gurus in this way, amazing. It took on new meaning for me this morning.

It is very interesting in a number of ways. One is, it explains how it looks from the Guru's point of view. "Because they have not yet finished helping their devotees to attain their highest potential in this lifetime." So it shows the obligation there. It is like a parent to a child. The child is eighteen years old or something and the parent is looking at it that he is training the child until age twenty one. So he hasn't finished, there is a certain obligation there to finish. Whether you are in physical form or not, you maintain that obligation as a Guru to your devotees to finish what you started, to help them spiritually unfold.

The next point that stood out is, "highest potential in this lifetime". That is a very interesting phrase, the highest potential in this lifetime. It shows how the Guru looks at you, what he is trying to do. He is trying to help you manifest your highest potential in this lifetime, in terms of spiritual unfoldment, of course. Not just do better or something but to manifest your highest spiritual potential. That is quite a statement. He is looking for maximum attainment, trying to help you do that. I thought that was useful too.