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Aadheenam update on evolving projects for 2007

Bodhinatha shares a casual but highly informative update on the future -- educational, digital initiatives and upcoming travels in 2007.

Unedited Transcript:

[This talk is intentionally left un-transcribed. What follows are summary notes.]

Bodhinatha highlights evolving projects for 2007.

The World Saiva Counsel Conference will be held in Zurich Switzerland the last weekend in May, which is in date conflict with a previous commitments, so a DVD presentation on the conference topic: Saivism, Unity and Diversity will be sent to be played in English with a Tamil translation by Sivayogapathi--a Yogaswami devotee, who will be visiting the aadheenam in March from Toronto.

Three 2.5 hour seminars, each with 5 topics, are being developed based on our new book "What is Hinduism." The first session will be presented by Palaniswami as part of his visit to Mauritius in April. The subsequent two seminars will be ready for Bodhinatha's trip in July to Malaysia and Singapore. As an example the 5 topics for the first seminar are: Hinduism The Greatest Religion in the World; Ten Questions; Worship in the Home Shrine and Ganesha Puja; Yamas and Niyamas; The Chakras.

Bodhinatha and the monks are focusing on reviewing Gurudeva's great teachings--emphasis on meditation, with the purpose of updating and getting them back into circulation. For example in the area of Shum, the descriptions and definitions of the Twelve Mamsane are being updated from the originals. Gurudeva's Shum language provides the only system whereby you can sit with a group in meditation and guide the entire group through these different states of mind so that they're all in the same states of mind at the same time.

[End of summary notes.]