Ounnaipaadoum Tozhilindri

  • Genre: bhajan Deity: Muruga
  • Artists: Soondiren Arnasalon
  • Music Details: | Sruti-A | Graha-Sa
  • Original Script

    Oonney paadoum thojihlindri verou illey
    Enney kaaka ounneyindri yaaroumilley mourouga mourouga
    Katpaneyil varougindra sotpadame anbou
    Karouneyil ourouvaana atpoudame
    Sirppa sileyaaga nirppavane -velley
    Thirounirou aroulaana nirppavane--mourouga mourouga
    Amoutham iroukkindra porkoudame -iyarkey ajahgou
    all_songs_and_lyrics_from_item_table.txt[8/27/17, 1:39:35 PM]
    Vajhigindra ejhil valame.Koumoutha idahz viritta poutcharame
    Ounthan poroul nagey thamijhoukkou thirouvarame mourouga mourouga.
    Oonney paadoum....

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