Panchangam: The Hindu Astrological Calendar

Welcome to the International Hindu Calendar.

If this is your first introduction to a Hindu calendar, you have a great adventure ahead of you which we know will give you a new appreciation of time.

Read the story of the panchangam's evolution since 1984.

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To learn more about the calendar we use at our Hindu monastery in Hawaii, you can click here to download the full Introduction to the Hindu Calendar.

Several people have requested our calendar in the Tamil script. To help determine if there is enough demand for a calendar in Tamil please send an email.

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If you need the nakshatra, birth syllable and complete data for a child born on a given day in the past order a Hindu birth chart here.

Planning for life in tune with the universe.
The Hindu Calendar has Hindu festivals, nakshatra, tithi, rahukala, pradosh, yoga, sunrise/sunset and more. It is a sophisticated tool for planning, not unlike a western farmer's almanac. It provides vital information about astrological factors, planets and stars--aspects of our subtle environment which are unseen but strongly felt. With this esoteric knowledge at our disposal, we come to understand the characteristics of the planets and the stars and how they relate to the human psyche. Read more about the panchangam...

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