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Ganapati Bappa Morayaa

  Sung by:

This song was taken from YouTube. We do not know the artist, but it is a good Ganesha...

Ekadantaya namah

  Sung by: Premila Manick

Ajam Nirvikalpam

  Sung by: Premila Manick

Ganeshvara Sri Ganeshvara

  Sung by: Saint Lucia SSC Satsanga

This Ganapati bhajan was composed by Gajanan and Jayashri during Pancha Ganapati 2014 and recorded with a small...

Ovorou Naaloum

  Sung by: Soondiren Arnasalon

Mushika Vaahana

  Sung by: Premila Manick

Vinaayaka Vinaayaka

  Sung by: Premila Manick

Paahi Paahi Gajaanana Parvati

  Sung by: Mauritius Mission NW sihhyas

Ganesha Bhajan

Paahi Paahi Gajaanana

  Sung by: Mauritius Mission NW sishyas