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Thohdudaiya Seviyan

  Sung by: Jagatheeshwar Aravindraj

Another version of this famed song to Lord Siva.

Saravana Sivakumara

  Sung by: Dishanna Nagarajan

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Dancing with Siva in Tamil

Every spiritually-inclined human being will be enriched by the path revealed in this extraordinary book. India's tolerant and...

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Introduction to Hinduism

Hindus in the West are sometimes invited to give a talk explaining their religion at a local college,...


  Sung by: Tiruthani Swaminathan

This is the most famous of all of the songs by Saint Manickavasagar. The 95 lines of the...

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Kauai's Hindu Monastery of America

This is a brochure describing Kauai Aadheenam written in Tamil by Shanmugam Baskaran. It his dissertation submitted for...

Vel Muruga Vadivela

  Sung by: Premila Manick

Subramaniam Natha Arumuga

  Sung by: Premila Manick

Ovorou Naaloum

  Sung by: Soondiren Arnasalon