Yoga Swamigal




Forward by S. Ambikaipakan

Forward for English Translation

I Spiritual Lineage

II Birth and Early Days

III Career Life and Spiritual Practices

IV Darshan of Vivekananda and Guru

V Pilgrimage to Kathirgama

VI Relationship with the Followers and Coming of the Devotees

VII Visit of the Political Leaders

VIII Welfare of Saiva Religion

IX Alcohol Prohibition

X Agriculture Promotion

XI Sivathondan Magazine

XII Sivathondan Nilayam

XIII Swamigal’s Out of Town Journeys

XIV Swamigal’s Latter Life and the Attainment of Samadhi

Words of Grace of Yogaswami - I

Words of Grace of Yogaswami - II

Words of Grace of Yogaswami - III

Noble Secret

Letters of Swami

Photos of Yogaswami’s Former Home

Photos of Sivathondan Nilayam

Photos from Kauai Monastery, USA